The Barre Body method

Barre Body is a complete body workout fusing ballet barre conditioning, yoga and pilates.

Signature Barre Body, Barre Moves and Barre Tone classes are designed to tone your entire body, creating longer, leaner muscles. Ballet & pilates exercises at the barre and on the mat tone your muscles, while complementary yoga postures lengthen and shape your muscles (think long & lean like a ballet dancer!)

The interval training format (raising and lowering the heart rate) means that you get fast results, fat burning is increased and your metabolism is boosted for hours after your workout. Barre Body works your entire body, giving special attention to the lesser used muscles, resulting in a total body toning effect.

It’s fun (and addictive when you see how quickly it shapes your body). You only need to do 3-4 classes a week to see great results.

Inspired by the Lotte Berk Method and methods derived from it such as The Bar Method®, Core Fusion and Physique 57, Barre Body is differentiated from other barre programs by its strong emphasis on vinyasa yoga to bring heat into the body and increase flexibility. The incorporation of yoga into the classes also adds a fluid element, creating a class that feels flowing and seamless.


Barre_body_emmaEmma Seibold is a certified yoga teacher, STOTT pilates certified instructor and holistic health & wellness coach. She has trained with schools in New York, India, Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay. After a 10 year career in marketing, in 2009 Emma left the corporate world and founded the cult juice detox program – Urban Remedy Cleanse which continues to grow and thrive, and in August 2011 she had a lovely little boy named Xavier (who you will probably see around the studio happily practising his downward dog and happy baby posture).

Having had a strong and dedicated ashtanga yoga practice for 8 years, Emma took a gentle approach to regain her pre-baby body by adding barre conditioning work to her yoga practice. Seeing a phenomenal change in the tone and shape of her muscles, she created Barre Body to share the technique with others looking for a strong, flowing, fun and highly effective work out.

Emma has enormous passion for all things relating to health and wellness and strives to lead a balanced life; eating well, living well, loving well and exercising well.

Emma is an expert for Women’s Fitness Magazine, expert contributor to Body+Soul and headlining presenter for Wanderlust in Sydney in 2015.


TeresaBarre Body’s Training & Development Manager, Teresa Valentini is from San Francisco, California, where she taught Pilates, Barre, and Sculpt classes at Yogaworks. As a classically trained dancer with over 18 years of technique and performance experience, Teresa developed a deep appreciation for the precision and benefits of Barre and Pilates once she discovered how it kept her in peak physical condition for dancing. After graduating with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from University of Illinois, she completed the 600-hour Fletcher Pilates Program in Half Moon Bay, California. She is an ACE-certified fitness instructor, and also certified in Yogaworks Barworks, Barre Pro and Sculptworks.

Teresa loves the upbeat energy and variety of Barre Body and enjoys incorporating different elements from her varied fitness background to give clients a challenging, fun experience.

PaulaPaula has had a committed yoga practice since 2002, practicing across the disciplines of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Hatha. She is a professional contemporary dancer and currently works as a freelance dance artist.

Paula has travelled to India and Bali to undertake her Yoga teacher training with Bharath Shetty. Paula teaches Classical Hatha as well as Vinyasa Flow (a dynamic flowing practice of yoga asanas linked through sun salutations and the breath).

Her teaching style incorporates her knowledge of the moving body with a focus on building strength, flexibility, core stabilization and a strong awareness of the body & mind.

Natalie1Natalie gives endless thanks to her mother for introducing her to yoga in 2002. She was instantly hooked and knew the type of lifestyle it presented was one to hold onto and cherish. Natalie strongly committed to a regular practice and received her YogaWorks teaching certification in 2008. The same year she graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Human Kinetics. She loves yoga for many reasons: the open-mindedness it encourages, the enhanced connection it brings to oneself and others, the freedom it permits while linking breath and movement, but most of all – its capacity to create space for change as well as accept oneself.

A STOTT pilates certified instructor as well, Nat’s classes balance yoga and pilates with effort and ease, weaving poses and exercises together in a safe, playful way.


Originally from South Africa, Gabrielle came to Australia to pursue full time studies in classical ballet. She then completed a BA Degree in Arts at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) majoring in contemporary dance, which has lead her to work with local and international artists.

Gabrielle has also completed her Personal Training and STOTT Pilates qualifications and has always incorporated a committed yoga practice in her daily life.

Her classes draw upon these disciplines making the workout dynamic and challenging with a focus on improving core control, balance, co-ordination and flexibility all of which are integral to achieving balance in our busy lives.

JodiJodi started dancing at the age of four and has studied various styles including jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary and classical ballet, but her passion has, and always will be classical ballet.

Since the age of 10, Jodi has competed in solo dance competitions and eisteddfods in Australia and internationally. She moved to Melbourne at 17 to continue full-time classical ballet at The National Ballet in St Kilda – Diploma of Arts (Classical Dance).

She has a passion and enthusiasm for ballet and dance that is infectious, making her classes challenging and strong, while being lots of fun!


Amanda is a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer trained extensively in numerous movement styles from a young age.

She is an advocate of variety in the approach to promoting health and fitness in both body and mind; incorporating a balance of cardio interval training, the specificity of strength training, the fluidity and lengthening of yoga, and controlled grace influenced by dance training.

Amanda’s aim in her classes is to awaken an awareness of the body and its needs in a fun and challenging way, to promote strength and ease in the body and focus the mind.


Stella has been practicing various styles of yoga and Pilates for over 10 years and moved to Melbourne from New Zealand to follow her passion in the health and fitness industry, falling in love with the city, people and culture.

Trained in Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, Stott Pilates, The Garuda system, and with a background in rehabilitation Pilates, Stella’s style is eclectic, fun and informative. She enjoys the fusion of various methods to create innovative and inspiring exercise for the mind and body and was instantly drawn to the challenging elements of the Barre Body practice.

Her classes involve dynamic and mindful movement using breath awareness, creative flows and spirals, strength training, balance and coordination.


A 10 year devotee of The Bar Method®, Anissa started taking barre classes when she was pregnant with her first child. She was addicted when she found barre classes got her into better shape than ever with much less time required (3-4 classes per week) as well as having the intensity she needed and craved, having been an avid long distance runner and swimmer in the past.

After moving to Melbourne, she located Barre Body and has continued her long term addiction to barre toning classes.

Anissa is a registered pediatric occupational therapist and has extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiolgy. With 10 years of barre experience, Anissa’s classes have a strong focus on technique, ensuring you get much more out of every hour.


Born into a family of ballet dancers, Casey has trained in RAD classical ballet for 15 years. Since then, Casey has taught ballet, jazz and contemporary for a number of years, but is now focusing on Latin and ballroom dance.

Casey is also a qualified vinyasa yoga instructor from the Australian Yoga Academy, and a health and wellness life coach.

Casey is all about excellent technique and breathing to enhance and energise the body and mind. Expect a flowing class full of challenging postures and exercises – you’ll find it hard but fun, and you will walk out feeling lighter, happier and perhaps a teeny bit sore the next day!


Jordine is a professional contemporary dancer and currently works as a freelance dance artist. She has recently returned from Europe where she was working with a German dance company. She is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and has studied in India under Noah McKenna.

Her extensive training in various somatics, including five years of full time dance (contemporary, classical and commercial styles) has allowed her to develop a strong body awareness and commitment to safe dance practices. Her teaching style incorporates her extensive dance foundation with her yoga and pilates knowledge. Her classes focus on building stamina and strength, flexibility, core stabilization and most importantly, finding freedom and joy in the moving body.

Barre_Body_2-2_webOriginally from The Netherlands, Josha fell in love with classical ballet at the age of four and has been a devoted dancer ever since. After many years of dancing (classical and contemporary) she was selected to join the Dance Academy in Amsterdam. It was here where she discovered the art of yoga. She found the combination of ballet and yoga gave her the optimum level of strength and flexibility. Josha has trained as a ballet dancer in The Netherlands, London and Australia. After moving to Australia, she discovered Barre Body and was hooked after her first class.

Now settled in Melbourne, she has completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Australian Yoga Academy. Her classes incorporate flowing yoga movements closely connected to the breath, with strengthening and graceful exercises that will leave you feeling grounded, flexible, strong and toned!


Rose discovered a love for Pilates 10 years ago & has never looked back. After deciding to make a profession from her passion, Rose completed her Stott Pilates Advanced Matwork Certification and is also a graduate of the Breathe Certificate in Pilates, including a Certificate 4 in Allied Health Assistance & a Certificate 4 in Fitness.

Coming from the beautiful hills of Northern NSW Rose has called Melbourne home for 6 years & is expecting her first baby in June. Rose is in love with all things Barre Body & has been hooked on the beautiful combination of Ballet Barre conditioning, Yoga & Pilates ever since her first class. She loves nothing more than helping her clients feel the burn, & you’ll finding her teaching & taking classes right through her pregnancy, & after bub arrives!


Catherine started dancing at the age of 10, soon developing a passion for Jazz, Tap and Ballet. In her home of Wellington, New Zealand, Catherine danced for the Wellington Hurricane cheerleaders as well as at several other high profile sporting events. After completing a Diploma in Commercial Dance, she went on to dance professionally around the world including Cyprus and Morocco.

Relocating to Melbourne in 2011, she now works as a dance teacher for various styles and ages. Her love of fitness, yoga and health brought her to  Barre Body in 2013. She will soon start her Level 1 Teacher Training Qualification with Byron Yoga Centre.

Catherine believes exercise should be fun and exciting and loves to challenge herself and her students!


Jeremin started dancing at the age of 4 in New Zealand and went on to teach ballet in Singapore. She was introduced to yoga by her ballet teacher, who ended every class with 15 minutes of yoga. Jeremin completed a 500hr Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne after being drawn deeper into the practice by the physical and emotional benefits. Since then, she has continued to learn from many inspirational yogis.

Continually inspired by the empowerment of people through dance and yoga, she was lucky enough to be able to combine her two loves teaching in the Melbourne Barre Body studio with Emma Seibold in 2012. Jeremin loves to share her twin passions of dance and yoga through fun, flowing and dynamic classes focusing on strength development, flexibility and core stability.


Melissa has always been passionate about movement having an active childhood growing up in Melbourne and Sydney. Studying Anatomy and Physiology at University within her Chiropractic studies, she is passionate about forming therapy around movement.

Being drawn to Pilates to find strength and to have a break from studying, she also found it significantly aided her concentration. Becoming hooked Melissa studied Pilates and continues to develop her skills and repertoire.

A love of mind body connection and movement, she provides a challenging class with light-hearted fun!


Starting out as a competitive gymnast, cheerleader and runner, Kat soon turned to yoga to find the balance she was missing. After 7 years of self-practice, Kat knew she wanted to share this passion with others and completed her 200hr Ashtanga teacher training in Canada and Mexico, and went on to study Yin and “Joga” (an athletic based style of yoga). She immediately fell in love with the joy that teaching brought and began teaching pilates and yoga soon after.

It wasn’t until Kat moved to Australia that she discovered Barre. It was love at first try. The strength, grace and fluidity of the class really resonated with her body. As a certified PT and fitness instructor as well, Kat incorporates the power and flow of vinyasa with strength and muscular conditioning to provide an upbeat, fun and challenging class.


Gemma is a professional contemporary dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher. With a degree in dance performance and 22 years of dance training (and counting), her classes will infuse the freedom of movement with the strength of technique to have you working hard and feeling inspired.

Gemma’s dance career has taken her from China to Spain, from filmclips to festivals, but never far from a barre. During her travels she encountered numerous techniques to support her dance training, including Alexander Technique, Yoga, Pilates, and Feldenkrais. Settling in Sydney, she committed to a regular Vinyasa yoga practice, which enriched and strengthened her dancing so rapidly that she became addicted. Prepare to sweat – you don’t have to be a ballerina to feel like one in Gemma’s class!


Faith has a huge interest in health and wellbeing. She began practicing Pilates in 2004 and automatically felt an improved posture, increased body awareness and body tone. She teaches mat and reformer Pilates and loves inspiring people to find joy in moving their bodies and develop a deeper sense of body awareness.

In 2007 she began regular practice of yoga, enjoying the way it creates a sense of space in both body and mind. She is has completed her 200hr yoga teacher training through Power Living and has a Masters in Health Communications (SYD).

Faith instantly fell in love with Barre Body as it allows her to use her pilates and yoga background and infuse it with a fun mix of ballet barre for a dynamic, strong, all over body workout.  

Sarah PSarah started dancing from the age of 5 and went on to train full time in Classical and Contemporary dance through high school at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary College. She continued full time tertiary dance studies at VCA to complete a Bachelor of Dance. Ballet and Contemporary dance has always been a passion and a huge part of Sarah’s life from an early age and she knows the benefits of hard work! Sarah is at home in a ballet studio and Barre Body has been the perfect fusion of her passion for dance and fitness. In her classes she draws on her classical ballet influences and love of yoga for an inspiring and challenging workout. Sarah is currently completing her certificate in Pilates.

AriannaOriginally from South Africa, Arianna started her career in dance movement at the tender age of 3. She has since studied Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa and has also represented South Africa in the Amateur Latin American Dance Space. Arianna has since travelled and studied different modalities of dance & movement; and was drawn to the practise of yoga in 2010, when she started studying this ancient art form at Moksha Yoga with Emma Palmer. It’s through this journey that she has learnt of the holistic benefits, as well as the authenticity of its teachings and the transformation this practice has had in her own life.
Over the years, she has developed and maintained a personal yoga practice, which encourages her articulate and methodical teaching style.
Her Fitness Teaching Certification, coupled with her passion and drive to get the best out of her clients will create a well-balanced Barre class so that you can have fun and feel good whilst you continue to move freely in your body.

PrimPrim has a love for dance and body movement. Her childhood was immersed in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance lessons with regular weekend eisteddfods from ages 5-18. Prim is a qualified Vinyasa yoga instructor from the Australian Yoga Academy, with interests in prenatal yoga.
After having two children Prim continued a health and fitness program incorporating a variety of yoga styles, pilates and weight based exercise. Prim currently attends Latin and Ballroom lessons which she has participated in over ten years.
Prim’s history is full of love for movement to music, integrating mind, body and balance awareness. Barre Body enables me to share what has already been a major part of my life with others.

MichelleMichelle has an innate passion for teaching. As a 500-hr certified yoga teacher and devoted practitioner, she embraces a variety of yoga styles as well as the wisdom from her teachers in Canada, Thailand, and India. To Michelle, yoga offers a deeper sense of connection, wholeness, inner power, and grace.
Growing up as a gymnast, a ballerina, and contemporary dancer, her knowledge of alignment and technique shines through every movement. She loves the creative fusion of barre body classes, integrating dynamic flows, core strengthening exercises, fun yet powerful sequences with the beauty and elegance of ballet. Her classes are always different, challenging, and lighthearted, developing intensity and flexibility by bringing awareness to the subtle energies of the body, mind, and breath.
Michelle’s philosophy is simple: trust the process and accept where you are. From a place of openness, the potential for transformation is limitless! Her guidance ignites the inner teacher in every student, and a peaceful energy that lingers beyond the mat.

KathrynKathryn’s movement background is primarily in dance, having trained at the Dance Factory in classical, contemporary, jazz, tap and hip-hop. After receiving qualification through the DFTA syllabus, she taught dance for a decade. Kathryn took a break from this to complete a PhD in Social Science, researching young people’s pathways into problematic drug use. During this time, she has maintained a committed yoga practice and is also an avid runner. When a friend introduced Kathryn to Barre Body, she immediately loved the fusion, especially that it was underpinned by a strong foundation of both technique and resistance work. This led to her declaring to her friends, ‘If there is only one type of exercise you do, then Barre Body should be it’. Kathryn’s delighted to be back in the studio sharing her love of movement with others.

KateAfter struggling with multiple running injuries and determined to build strength, Kate’s path to recovery started with finding Barre Body in 2012. Kate became hooked after one class and spent the next two years seeing her body transform.
Kate loves to feel the burn of a low-impact, high intensity workout in a feminine and encouraging environment. Barre Body has inspired Kate to look deeper into her injuries and helping others and is now completing a Cert IV in Fitness, a Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance and a Certificate in Pilates.
Kate is originally from Scotland, and is passionate about helping others to find balance in their bodies. Her workouts combine body awareness, a focus on correct form, control, balance and of course a sense of fun. She especially loves glute exercises – be prepared to feel your buns after one of her classes!

KarmenKarmen has been trained in ballet since the age of 5 and did various dance styles including Hip Hop and Latin. After 8 years of classical ballet in RAD, she found her love in yoga practice that provided her with a peace of mind when studies and work were too much to handle.
As a fully qualified medical practitioner, Karmen continues to train and expand her passion for fitness. She is a certified group fitness instructor and is also completing her Personal Training qualification.
To Karmen, teaching is more than just being an instructor; it is about inspiring and being inspired. Karmen uses her knowledge of anatomy and physiology as the basis to guide students. Her classes will give you a dose of endorphin (happy hormones!) as you work hard on the challenging yet fun moves to build strength, flexibility and balance.

MikaylaMikayla began classical ballet at the age of 5 and soon developed a passion for Jazz, Hiphop and Contemporary. She then went on to complete a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts majority in Contemporary dance in Auckland, NZ and has since moved to Melbourne. She now teaches dance at various studios across Melbourne as well as dancing professionally for Blink Dance Theatre in Geelong and choreographing project base dance works. Mikayla was drawn to Barre Body as she loved the integration of her favourite body conditioning practices – Ballet, Pilates and Yoga!
Her creative approach to this integration brings life and enjoyment to her classes as well as motivating her students to challenge themselves!

MiriamMiriam graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts, School of Dance with a love for movement and a keen eye for alignment and technique.  This has lead her to present nationally in Pilates and Fitness and maintain a considered Yoga practice.
Over the years, this has evolved to allow her to currently hold Certificate IV qualifications in Pilates, Fitness, Allied Health Assistance and Work Place Training and Assessment.
She spends her weekdays incorporating all these disciplines into teaching strong , fun and challenging Barre classes along with Clinical Pilates. Whilst weekends, are spent with her little family, and delivering Certificate IV training in Pilates, Fitness and Health.
A self professed ‘stickler’ for good form, breathing for a better ‘you’…… and fun workouts.

Giving back


We believe that being in business is only worthwhile if there is an opportunity to give back.

We proudly support One Girl, an incredible cause that believes every girl on the planet has the right to an education. Since they began in October 2009, One Girl has provided 200 education scholarships to girls living in Sierra Leone, West Africa – one of the worst places on earth to be born a girl. They’ve also given 1,200 women and girls access to sanitary pads, and worked to rehabilitate schools that were destroyed during the war. One Girl says; “When you educate a girl, she can changer her world.” Beautiful.

It’s our pleasure and privilege to fund the education of 50 (yep, that really is fifty) girls in Sierra Leone. It’s an incredibly rewarding thing to know, that because of Barre Body, 50 girls who would not have had the opportunity to go to school are now getting an education that will change their lives.


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