About Barre Body the barre workout

Barre Body is a complete body workout fusing ballet barre conditioning, yoga and pilates.

Signature Barre Body, Barre Moves, Barre Cardio and Barre Tone classes are designed to tone your entire body, creating longer, leaner muscles. Ballet & pilates exercises at the barre and on the mat tone your muscles, while complementary yoga postures lengthen and shape your muscles (think long & lean like a ballet dancer!)

The interval training format (raising and lowering the heart rate) means that you get fast results, fat burning is increased and your metabolism is boosted for hours after your workout. Barre Body works your entire body, giving special attention to the lesser used muscles, resulting in a total body toning effect.

It’s fun (and addictive when you see how quickly it shapes your body). You only need to do 3-4 classes a week to see great results.

Inspired by the Lotte Berk Method and methods derived from it such as The Bar Method®, Core Fusion and Physique 57, Barre Body is differentiated from other barre programs by its strong emphasis on vinyasa yoga to bring heat into the body and increase flexibility. The incorporation of yoga into the classes also adds a fluid element, creating a class that feels flowing and seamless.

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Have you heard our latest news!? We're going to opening the doors to our newest studio - South Melbourne - in Jan! pic.twitter.com/a0j2WAbEws

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