The Workout

We’ve designed the perfect class offering to cover all bases, no matter what your goals are. We know that the ideal class looks different on everyone – even on you from one day to the next. We also know that variety is key to keep your mind engaged and your body progressing.

That’s why every class, teacher, and day will be different. We’ll make sure there’s a variation for everyone in class, from the first timer to the most advanced student. Our gorgeous teachers are as diverse as our clients, so it’s important to us that they bring their own special spice to class. The one thing you’ll always get from a Barre Body class? A strong, smart, satisfying workout.


Best for? creating lean muscle tone

Barre Body offers a ballet barre conditioning format like no other. Inspired by the original Lotte Berk method and the strong US style of classes, we pioneered the Barre workout in Australia. Blending the poise of pilates with the flowing sequencing of yoga, this class is pretty, pacey and powerful. The efficient use of bodyweight exercises, light hand weights and small props delivers a dynamic toning class that works fast. Isometric holds are broken up with full-body intervals that spike the heart rate and offer the most bang for your buck. Most importantly, barre feels graceful and fun. Sculpt and shape without bulking up in this signature style.


Best for? an all-round workout

This is our ultimate class for the busy body, pioneering a brand new workout style for Australia in 2018. Flow through three stages to cover all the elements you need in a one stop class. SWEAT with full-body cardio to raise the heart rate and burn fat. SCULPT with sliders that tone your muscles and deliver our famous burn. STILL with a final stretch, mindful movement and meditation. You’ll leave feeling stronger, lighter and clearer.

Elements is a choreographed class, so you’ll have a chance to perfect the sequence before we release a new class every 8 weeks.


Best for? building core strength and improving alignment

Just you and your mat – that’s all you need to polish your posture, learn to engage your core and articulate your spine. Pilates provides the framework for a balanced, mobile body, and regular pilates classes will see you maximising your results in all your other classes. Improve your form and work out lying down? Win-win.


Best for? flexibility, muscular endurance, and mindfulness

Our yoga classes are a Vinyasa style – strong, flowing and dynamic. You’ll move through a series of postures, synchronised with breath. You’ll build strength and balance, focus, and mental clarity. You’ll also work up a sweat as you move through the sequence. Finish the class with a beautiful guided meditation or savasana to see you floating out the door.


Best for? working up a sweat

Our high energy cardio class is a full-body blitz that makes raising your heart rate fun – yes, really! The interval training format and time on the barre is highly efficient and keeps your body burning fuel long after you’ve left the studio. Sweat and smile your way through this one and finish on a high.


Best for? mobility, recovery and mindfulness

Our yin class is a beautifully rejuvenating class to show your body some love. The perfect complement to our other classes, yin uses stretching, mobility exercises, and meditation, to release tension and tightness. Relax and restore your body and mind.

How to put it all together?

Not sure where to start? We’ve designed our schedule to be fully customisable, so you can create your perfect exercise program.
The key is to keep it balanced by incorporating a few different class styles into your schedule. We recommend 3 – 5 sessions a week, depending on your goals. We suggest including a combination of toning, cardio, and a recovery session each week for a balanced program.

The best place to start is our one month intro pass, giving you unlimited access to all of our classes and studios. Sample each of the classes to get you started.

Sample Schedules

Want to increase your cardio fitness?

1 x Elements
1 – 2 x Cardio
1 x Barre
1 x Yin

Want to tone up?

1 – 2 x Barre
1 x Elements
1 x Pilates
1 x Yin

Want to improve your flexibility?

1 x Barre
1 – 2 x Yoga
1 x Pilates
1 x Yin