Arianna Pienaar

Arianna Pienaar

Originally from South Africa, Arianna started her career in dance movement at the tender age of 3. She has since studied Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa and has also represented South Africa in the Amateur Latin American Dance Space. Arianna has since travelled and studied different modalities of dance & movement; and was drawn to the practise of yoga in 2010, when she started studying this ancient art form at Moksha Yoga with Emma Palmer. It’s through this journey that she has learnt of the holistic benefits, as well as the authenticity of its teachings and the transformation this practice has had in her own life.

Over the years, she has developed and maintained a personal yoga practice, which encourages her articulate and methodical teaching style.

Her Fitness Teaching Certification, coupled with her passion and drive to get the best out of her clients will create a well-balanced Barre class so that you can have fun and feel good whilst you continue to move freely in your body.

A few questions for Arianna

What’s something only a few people know about you?
I left home after I had just turned 17 to pursue a career in Latin American Dancing. My dance partner and I represented South Africa in Dance Competitions around the world whilst living in Holland and London for almost 4 years cumulatively.

What’s your favourite Barre Body class to teach?
Barre Body, because of it’s yogic influence.

What should we expect in your class?
Expect to learn something new about yourself in each class. Whether it’s about your physical, mental or emotional body, listening close enough and paying attention to the way we react to movement and music, we always learn something new. Sometimes the most difficult part is ‘not PUSHING our bodies to the limit’. Expect to be given full empowerment to choose variations and modifications which are right for you in the moment. Whether it be an intense workout, or something more gentle, my classes encompass a bit for everyone. Ensuring you return to your mat #everydamnday.

Arianna Pienaar

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