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Whether you’re brand new to exercise, are looking to take your practice to a new level, or are simply ready to make the most of your beautiful body, Barre Body Online brings you Australia’s leading boutique fitness, so you can achieve whatever you’re craving for your body, mind and soul.

Never get stuck in a fitness rut again.

Fun, effective classes target different goals to keep you on your toes (literally!). Our perfect programming incorporates:

Barre | Yoga | Pilates | Cardio | Yin

In other words, everything you need.

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Select your workout based on class style, length, focus area, or level. Only have 15 minutes? Want to tone your triceps? Easy! But not.

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Breathe easy – all Barre Body Online classes are led by our expert teachers, trained in our exclusive method. Every workout offers modifications for beginner to advanced options, and you can follow along the entire way. Take the guesswork out of your workout. Your form will improve, and so will your results.

Or do. It’s up to you. You can choose from equipment-free classes for beachside burn, or shop our signature handweights, resistance bands, balls and gliders for the ultimate studio in your carry-on.

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