The Barre Body workout

Barre Body is a fun, challenging and very effective fusion of yoga, pilates and ballet barre conditioning, designed to tone your entire body, creating longer, leaner muscles. Ballet & pilates exercises at the barre and on the mat tone your muscles, while complementary yoga postures lengthen and shape your muscles (think long & lean like a ballet dancer!)

The interval training format (raising and lowering the heart rate) means that you get fast results, fat burning is increased and your metabolism is boosted for hours after your workout and the workout targets the entire body, giving special attention to the lesser used muscles, resulting in a total body toning effect.

It’s fun (and addictive when you see how quickly it shapes your body). You only need to do the workout 3-4 times a week to see great results.

You will need a chair (instead of a barre), a yoga or pilates mat (or carpeted space) and a set of 1-2kg hand weights (or no weights at all if don’t have any handy).

Which DVD should I buy?

Lengthen & ToneBarre Body Lengthen & Tone DVD

Lengthen & Tone is the perfect challenge for those new to the Barre Body method.

The exercises are simple and effective, but challenging, You will be given plenty of options to make the workout a little easier or stronger if you choose.

Includes PRENATAL BONUS segment outlining pregnancy modifications to make the workout suitable for women in their second and third trimesters.

TOTAL WORKOUT = 60 MIN (plus 10 minute prenatal bonus)

$25 (inc postage within Australia)

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Tone & Shape Barre Body Tone & Shape DVD

Tone & Shape  is longer, stronger and more challenging and the exercises are more complex. Try this if you’ve experienced in barre-style fitness or if you want an extra challenge.

This is an intermediate level work out (with options to make it stronger or more gentle to suit your body).


TOTAL WORKOUT = 75 MIN (plus 30 minute express bonus)

$25 (inc postage within Australia)

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A note about international orders

A $10 postage surcharge applies to international orders – this will be an additional charge that is applied to your credit card when your DVD is posted. Please note that the DVDs are region-free and will work on all laptops, but only PAL compatible DVD players. To purchase an NTSC copy, visit

Watch a preview of Lengthen & Tone

Watch a preview of Tone & Shape