3 classes a week. 3 months.
September 30 – December 22

There’s a new Spring Challenge in town.

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This year, we’re not asking you to go all out for a month. We’re inviting you to commit. We’re playing the long game. We’re treating our bodies with kindness and compassion. We’re making changes we can stick to, and we’re finishing the year on a high.

Join us for the BBx3 challenge. Commit to taking three Barre Body classes a week, for 12 weeks, and see what a difference consistency makes to your body, mind, and happiness.

We know that consistency is the number one key to getting the results you want from your Barre Body classes. At this end of the year, it’s easy to get burnt out and waylaid, so we’re keeping you on track with an achievable, good-for-you goal. You’ll hit the holidays feeling stronger, clearer, and kinder to yourself. Why not more classes? Good question! Head to our FAQ below for the lowdown.

Let’s talk prizes!

Yes, that’s plural. The BBx3 challenge is all about nurturing yourself. We’re making that even more fun with a winner at each and every studio taking home an incredible prize pack valued at over $1000.

Tell me more…
Can’t wait? Prize packs have us salivating over presents from:

Barre Body x First Base activewear | LouvelleSuperFeastEunoia Soul RitualsLaBang BodyIvadoreCaim & AbleBare BlendsNutraOrganicsPointe StudioMore Body activewear | Hey TigerMake It Happen | The Fit Foodie’s Meal Prep Plan | Kester BlackTsuno | SOUSZYHop & Cotton | Minor Figures
Plus a Barre Body ball, band and tote so you can take your classes anywhere.

Plus, every studio prize will feature different luxe local goodies from our studio friends and neighbours, from a Bimby & Roy bralette, to a Kindred Toxin Free holistic LED facial, to an Onzie outfit, a session at Brisbane Naturopaths and pieces from LMND.

Prizes and full prize lists will be displayed in studios prior to the challenge launch, so you can have a proper sticky beak.

Uh, yeah. It’s a lot.

Want in? There’s no sign up fee for the BBx3 challenge. Simply pay for your classes, and sign up for the challenge free. For the best value, sign up to our unlimited membership for $50 per week (less than $17 per class if you come three times a week).* Special rates apply if you sign up for a 6 or 12 month contract.

*Please note: our memberships have a 6 week minimum term, after which time you can cancel or suspend your membership here

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Do I have to do three classes every single week? What if I’ll be away/overcommitted/frantically Christmas shopping at some stage during the challenge?

In short, no! To be eligible to win you just need to complete 36 classes during the challenge. That averages out to 3 per week, but you might do 4 one week and 2 the next. Consistency is the aim of the game, but make it work for you!

Is there a meal plan or recipes to follow?

Not this time! The BBx3 challenge is all about fitting your workouts into your regular life. This time of year is always busy with events, parties, dinners and drinks. Instead of getting stuck in a guilt cycle about falling off track, enjoy the season. Eat, drink, be merry, and focus on moving your body out of love. Long-term, consistent practice will see you forming habits that set you up for a beautiful 2020.

Can I do classes at more than one studio?

You can! You’ll need to select one studio as your ‘home’ studio and track your classes via the sheet in studio. If you attend a class at another studio, just remember to tick it off at your home studio next time you’re there.

Why isn’t this a ‘do as many classes as you can’ challenge?

Go nuts if you like! If your Barre Body classes are a 5-a-week habit, that’s great. Continue! This challenge is about setting realistic, attainable standards for ourselves, and developing a healthy relationship with exercise. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. But if you want more, we always love to see you.