4 reasons becoming a Pilates teacher is a clever career move for new mums

new mum taking the Barre Body Online Pilates teacher training

It’s no secret. Having a baby is a life-changing experience. And not just when it comes to home life, but work life too. In fact, many Australian mums are making career pivots to suit their new lifestyles and their evolving needs and wants. One of those biggest changes? Embracing the flexibility that comes with being a Pilates, Barre, or Reformer teacher.

Here are some of the reasons new mums are turning to teaching.

1. Better work-life balance.

New baby? Corporate job? It can be a balancing act. (And even the most proficient yogis still wobble.) Teaching Pilates, Barre, or Reformer gives you the flexibility to tailor your schedule around your family, set your own hours, and even work from home. Goodbye lengthy commutes. Goodbye rigid office hours. Goodbye cramming playtime into the weekend.

2. Reclaiming personal identity and career satisfaction.

Motherhood can spark a shift in personal values, which leads a lot of us to pursue more fulfilling careers — ones that align with our passions and don’t leave us drained and dissatisfied.

Take teaching Pilates. Not only does it light a fire in us, but it offers immediate gratification as well as long-term satisfaction. The feeling of purpose that comes with personal satisfaction helps us be more present, which translates to being more present in our home life, too.

3. Supportive work environments.

Really, this should be number one. For new mums, it’s crucial to feel supported at work and to have our needs accommodated — when working in women-centric spaces, there are other mums who have been there, done that, and completely understand the journey you’re on.

In fact, health and wellness industries generally have more supportive communities, where the importance of family life is recognised and people are prioritised.

4. Professional development.

Who says your postpartum period can’t be productive? (In between burping baby and binge-watching Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, of course.) Many new mums use their maternity leave to acquire new skills, gain certifications, and explore new career paths.

With online study options like our online Teacher Training Program becoming more prevalent, it’s easy to pivot career paths without ever setting foot outside the house. Study at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, even with your bub on your boob. Superwoman, you are.

What to think about before taking the leap?

Your personal goals.

Consider what you’re truly passionate about. Is it connecting with people? The health of your community? Having fun? Reflect on what excites you, so you can realign with your values and personal goals, both at home and at work.

Your lifestyle considerations.

Consider the kind of life you want to live, as well as your family’s general needs. Does your current career support that? Does your new career? Discuss your plans with your partner and your family, so everyone is on the same page.

Your financial options.

Consider both the costs of training and education, as well as the financial freedom and professional development you’ll access in your new career. What are the long-term financial benefits? Room to grow? To diversify your income?

Your skills.

Find out the required skills and qualifications required for your pivot. Do you already have some? What gaps are there? Look for flexible study options, like online courses and remote certifications.

The current market.

Get familiar with the current market. Are there job openings? Is there a studio you want to work at? How often do they hire? Or is there perhaps a need for at-home or virtual classes? Start networking and talking to mentors and other teachers to gain any insights and advice.

Your personal well-being.

What’s your current physical and mental health like? How will a career change positively or negatively impact that? Make sure you’re only pursuing paths that help, not hurt you. And make sure that personal satisfaction and happiness is at the top of the list. 

The perfect time for a career change? Right now. Or even better, yesterday. With our online study options, becoming a Pilates, Barre, or Reformer instructor during your postpartum period (and beyond) has never been easier. Browse our courses here.

Once you’re certified, you can teach in boutique studios, at-home, online, or even offer corporate classes (you know better than anyone that those gals could use some stretching). But above all, you can find the optimal balance between your work life and home life. We should know. We’ve done it.