5 of the best spas in Seminyak

by Emma Seibold, Barre Body Founder

I was lucky enough to spend 5 weeks in Bali last month “working”. It was tough, but I did it for a very good cause. I was researching spas and retreat venues for the Barre Body Detox & Tone Retreat (to be held September 2015). To really do my job properly, I had to spend every single day visiting spas and resorts, swimming in infinity pools, drinking delicious mocktails, eating detox-friendly foods, and having every sort of spa treatment you can imagine. It was tough, but I loved every minute of it… well, not quite every minute, thinking back to the massage that my husband called the “punch, scratch, kick special”. It was pretty lovely though, and as a result, I feel thoroughly qualified to share my top 5 picks for spa treatments in Seminyak.

1. Body Temple Bali

I went all three of the Body Temple Bali Spas (in the name of being thorough) in Seminyak, Uluwatu and Canggu and they are absolutely divine. The spa design is beautiful, modern and very tranquil, the staff are lovely (as is the case in pretty much every high-end spa in Bali) and the treatment itself was sublime. I had the pregnancy “cocoon” massage each time and I can honestly say that this was one of the best massages I’ve ever had in my life (up there with a Hawaiian massage I had in Mysore, India in 2009 and a KaHuna massage I had with Gavin Hodges in Sydney earlier this year). This is my top pick for Seminyak!

Cost: a 60 minute massage treatment costs around $35 including service and taxes.


2. Bodyworks

This is probably the most famous spa in Bali and it’s definitely and old favourite of mine. The aqua blue decor makes you feel instantly calm and cool and the spa therapists are all very good in my experience. Because it’s such a Seminyak institution, you don’t want to miss it.

Cost: a 60 minute massage treatment costs around $30 including service and taxes.


3. Prana Spa

Prana Spa is inspired by Indian & Middle Eastern exotic architecture and I just love the result. The red tones of the spa and yoga studio create a very unique energy and experience. I recommend making a day of it by taking a yoga class (vinyasa style with some of the better instructors in Bali), followed by a spa treatment and then a healthy lunch at the Prana Cafe. I was lucky enough to have a massage with their most senior massage therapist and it was pretty spectacular. Had I not been pregnant, I would have tried their signature treatment, shirodara (and ayurvedic head massage and oil treatment that is deeply relaxing and healing. 

Prana Spa is part of The Villas Seminyak complex. I stayed there for four nights and highly recommend it if you have a bigger budget and want a self-contained villa with 5 star level service and facilities.

Cost: One of the most expensive spas I visited, a 60 minute massage costs around $55 and a 60 minute shirodara treatment costs approximately $75.


4. Chill Reflexology

Also located within The Villas, Chill Reflexology specialises in, yes – you guessed it, reflexology foot massages. We had “The Classic”, a one-hour treatment consisting of reflexology on the feet, ankles and calves and a head, neck and shoulders acupressure massage. This was probably my favourite treatment of all while I was in Bali because I absolutely love foot massages (when done well). The spa itself is very minimalist and modern and the treatment room is a large communal room – this seems strange at first, until you are given an eye mask and personal ipod so you can totally bliss out, unaware of the others in the room. I loved it!

Cost: About $25 for a one hour massage


5. Jari menari

Famous for its four-hands massage, this treatment is supposedly TO DIE FOR. Being pregnant. I had the pregnancy massage and my husband had the tough job of testing the four-hands massage and gave a rave review. If you can only do one or two treatments while in Bali, put this on the list. Jari Menari also run a weekly massage course on Tuesdays that teaches a 9-step massage and includes refreshments, lunch, a 40 min yoga class and a 90 min massage. We didn’t have time for this sadly, but next time I’d love to do it.

Jari Menari also has a spa and runs massage courses in Nusa Dua.

Cost: The Four Hands Massage Harmony treatment costs approx $55. Where else could you have two highly skilled therapists working your body for $55?


An honourable mention also goes to the women who work so hard at the smaller spas in Seminyak. We had a treatment at a street-front spa in Jalan Drupadi and while the spa was certainly very basic, the treatment was amazing and cost $7 (so we tipped big).

Rob Peetoom Hair Spa

I also had my hair coloured (brave move in Bali!) at Rob Peetoom Hair Spa (a dutch-based chain with incredible stylists and colourists) and it was one of the best colours I’ve ever gotten. I asked my hairdresser, the gorgeous Siobhan Clohesy, to email me instructions for the colourist and they followed them to perfection.

So those are my picks. What other spas deserve a mention on this list?