Meet Alice, our Melbourne Head Teacher

There’s a lot to love about Melbourne Head Teacher, Alice Disney Bennett. Take her genuinely funny jokes for example, or her ability to keep smiling through a set of sweaty pulses. Added bonus: she’s sunshine personified.

Here, we sit down with Alice to chat go-to workout music, and what we can expect to experience with her in the studio.

What’s your favourite class to teach?

Hands down my favourite class to teach is a signature Barre Body Barre class. This class has all the key ingredients you could want for a workout. A full body workout, flowing transitions that feel good and keep you moving and that barre burn that we absolutely love (and hate just a little.) And don’t forget those classic Barre Body isometric contractions, the pulses and a beautiful savasana to round it all out.

What’s your ideal post-class meal/snack/drink/treat?

As I teach a lot of morning classes my Post class go-to is a strong coffee and often a Berocca to give me back my BB bounce for the next class.

Whenever I teach lunchtimes in the city, I always stop by and grab some sushi to keep my energy levels up on my train ride home. And when in Fitzroy on a Friday, a ham and cheese toasted baguette is my go-to brunch with my coffee.

What’s your go-to song to get you pumped up for class?

Music is such an important part of your workout at Barre Body. My favourite song to get me pumped up for class has to be ‘Dancing on the ceiling’ by Lionel Richie or ‘This girl is on fire’ by Alicia Keys.

I also love to play some juicy tunes in-between classes to keep the good vibes happening for clients. Some of my favourites are ‘Skinny love’ by Birdy, ‘Solar power’ by Lorde, ‘Strong’ by London Grammar, ‘Twice’ by Little Dragon and anything by Leon Bridges.

The last good book you read?

The last book I read was ‘Any ordinary day’ by Leigh Sales. An incredible story about being faced with grief and the different ways people overcome it. I found this book to be an immensely rewarding read, heartbreaking and yet optimistic.

What can we expect to experience in your class?

When you do a class with me, whether it be Barre, Pilates, Reformer, Strength or Cardio you can expect a serious workout but also a little giggle. While my dad jokes are pretty lame, the intense burn you’ll get in my class will be anything but.

Working your whole body, challenging yourself and leaving feeling like you’ve really achieved something from your workout is guaranteed. And when the class format allows, I love to give you a beautiful moment to let go at the end and just be. In our busy everyday lives, it’s is so important to take a moment to just breathe.

Find Alice at @alicedisneybennett