Get clear on your career

Find out where your training can lead you with the Barre Body Pathways Program.

A career in the pilates industry can be incredibly rewarding. Everyday, we speak to trainees and professionals about their goals and what makes them feel alive. A common thread is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, to move each day, and create a space for others to do the same. 

But determining which course – or courses – will get you to where you want to be is often a little more complicated. Do you strive to be a studio owner? Or is the flexibility of contracting more your style? Do you have plans to travel overseas or would you prefer to work locally? Aligning your training with your individual goals is key. 

That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out with our Barre Body Pathways Program – something special we specifically designed to help you get clear on your career.  

What is your personality type? 

  • Are you someone who likes to work with a group of people? Do you feed off the energy of others and enjoy creating a space for people to come together?
  • Do you enjoy presenting to camera? Letting your personality shine and offering classes to clients who may not otherwise be able to access them in a studio setting? 
  • Or do you prefer to work one-to-one, offering a more nurturing and intimate experience tailored to your client’s objectives?

When reflecting on the above, does one scenario stand out to you most? If you resonate with all three, that’s okay too. Our courses and pathways can be mixed and matched depending on your goals.

What are your interests?

Maybe you’re already working in the health and wellness industry and are looking to pad out your already impressive resume. Incorporating Mat Pilates and Barre into your existing skill set allows you to learn the form and function of every muscle and how they can support the body when activated correctly. Because of this, we speak to many osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, instructors and midwives who wish to add a holistic approach to therapy and/or recovery.

View our Advanced / Healthcare Practitioner Pathway and see what other courses, such as Pre & Post Natal and Injuries and Modifications would add value to your sessions.

Are you looking to start your own studio and put all your business skills into action? 

If you aspire to bring a team of skilled trainers together, build a strong client-base and set yourself a challenge to grow and expand each year, then our Studio Owner Pathway might suit you. By taking this pathway, you’ll learn how to brand yourself, run a successful studio and retain clients.

Are you a free-spirited soul who is open to new experiences locally and abroad? 

Being a contractor provides the ultimate freedom and flexibility to work as an instructor, wherever, whenever. Our Barre Body qualifications have a strong reputation both nationally and internationally. We have graduates all over the world, honing their craft in boutique studios, retreats and even on yachts.

Become an expert in personal branding and teach everything from Barre to Reformer and Mat Pilates with our Contractor Pathway.

Are you a master of all trades and love being a specialist in your field?

Our Ultimate Teacher pathway sounds right up your alley. Start with Reformer and Mat Pilates and Barre, before diving deep into Pre & Post Natal, Injuries and Modifications. You’ll set yourself apart with creative repertoire, including ballet technique. Plus, keep clients on their toes (in more ways than one!) with props, such as; ball, resistance bands and sliders.

To see what else you can include in your classes, view our Ultimate Teacher Pathway.

If you are seeking a little more guidance, or would love to learn more, reach out to our Teacher Training Advisor