phones at barre

Bringing your phone to barre? Here’s why you shouldn’t!


Words: Gemma Dawkins


Confession time: we love a good barre selfie just as much as the next Lululemon addict. And with studios as pretty as ours, who wouldn’t want to snap a pic or 32? Yep, you have our full permission to immortalise your Saturday morning barre sesh with a quick insta update.

But once you’ve nailed your angles and chosen the perfect filter, here’s the most important part: pop that phone away. And we don’t mean next to your mat. We mean in the change room, in your bag, out of sight, out of mind. Here’s our top 7 reasons why:

  1. You’ll focus on your workout

Even if you don’t touch your phone during class, think about how many notifications you receive in an hour. Work emails pinging through, texts, missed calls and even facebook notifications will momentarily grab your attention, whether you attend to them or not. This article explains why that matters: “every notification you receive takes a moment to acknowledge, another to process and another (or a few depending on how soon that deadline really is) to forget.” So even if it’s just a quick subject line flashing up on your screen, you’ll sacrifice the next few minutes of your class retraining your brain to stay present. Now what were you meant to be pulsing again?

  1. You’ll push yourself harder

Time Magazine found that just texting while exercising significantly decreased the intensity of the workout:  “people who texted during a 20-minute workout spent almost 10 of those minutes in a low-intensity zone, and only seven minutes in high intensity. Those who worked out without a phone spent only 3 minutes in low intensity, and almost 13 minutes in high intensity.” You’ve made the time and effort to get to the studio, so make the most of it while you’re there.

  1. You won’t be as injury prone

Correct form is vital to getting the most out of your Barre Body class, and it also keeps you safe from injury. When you’re using, or even just glimpsing at your phone, you’re distracted (see our first point!) which can influence your postural stability. This means you’re less likely to be focusing on your technique and more likely to be practicing bad habits that can cause injury over time. No thanks!

  1. It’s good for your mental health

If you come to barre to unwind, blow off some steam and leave feeling energized, you’re not alone. We all know that working out is as good for our minds as it is for our bodies. But keeping your phone handy can undo all of that – as this study reveals, there is a direct link between mobile phone usage and increased anxiety. Pop your phone away to get the most out of your brain break.

  1. You’ll set healthy boundaries by prioritising your workout

Feeling guilty for using your lunchbreak to sneak in a barre class? You shouldn’t! Resilium found that job-related stress is costing employers hundreds of billions of dollars in “lost productivity, higher medical costs and employee turnover”. By carving out a small window of your day where you’re unavailable, you set clear and healthy boundaries with your colleagues, as well as prioritising your health and fitness. You’ll be a better employee because of it (tell them we said so!)

  1. You’ll break the addiction

No doubt about it, phones are an addiction. Thankfully, the best way to break the cycle is to practice mindful usage and take regular breaks from them. What better way to take a holiday from your phone than at the barre? At least those shaking thighs will distract you from the urge to check your notifications.

  1. Your savasana is safe

Trust us when we say that no one appreciates a fun ringtone in the middle of a gorgeous savasana. Even if you’ve put your phone on silent, those vibrations sound incredibly loud when they’re right near your head as you lay in meditation. And even if your phone doesn’t make a sound, the familiar glow of a screen lighting up really takes away from the magic of dimmed lights and twinkly candles. And yes, we can still see it when your phone’s face down. Give yourself (and your barre neighbours) the luxury of enjoying a delicious savasana, phone-free, and we promise you’ll leave class feeling a million times better.