Winter motivation

How to stay motivated all winter


Words: Gemma Dawkins


We get it. When it’s cold and drizzly, still pitch black at 6am and your doona seems to have a gravitational pull, the last thing you feel like doing is bouncing off to class. But health and fitness is year round – your body needs to move and be nourished just as much in those chilly months as it does in Summer. And if you’ve ever taken a little break from exercise, you’ll know how much harder everything feels when you find your way back to the studio!

Here’s how you can stay motivated when Netflix and roast potatoes are calling your name:

  1. Set a goal

There’s a reason every motivational speaker worth their salt will recommend goal setting. That’s because goals trigger behaviour. Yep, science says it’s true – you’re more likely to stick to a behaviour (regular barre class, perhaps?) if you’re working towards something specific and tangible. We help you out by giving you a Move of the Month to work towards in class, but you can set your own goals too. Whether it’s a consistent number of classes per week, graduating to the heavier hand weights or finally being able to complete a set of Pilates hundreds, find yourself something to work towards and you’ll find yourself a little more motivation.

  1. Make yourself accountable

Our ever-popular BodyLove challenge is so beloved by our members for a lot of reasons – but a big one? It’s the in-studio challenge boards. Seeing your tally of gold heart stickers rack up over the four weeks is so satisfying for a reason: accountability creates satisfaction by providing a visual reminder of your achievement. So, find a way to make yourself accountable this winter. Recruit a workout buddy to attend class with (you wouldn’t stand up a friend) or buy yourself a beautiful journal to schedule and diarise your classes.

  1. Take yourself shopping (do we need to say it twice?)

Shameful as it may be, a little retail therapy does wonders for winter motivation. If the thought of a crop top and tights has you shivering, invest in some cozy winter workout gear and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to take it out for a spin. Lululemon does a gorgeous range of snuggly cardigans, puffer vests and gloves (those Canadians know Winter) to get you to the studio in toasty style.

  1. Nourish your body with healthy winter food

Ever notice how a big meal of hot chips leaves you feeling, well a little like a hot potato yourself? The last thing you’ll feel like doing is hopping into Downward Dog. There are plenty of incredibly tasty winter warmers here that pack in the nutrients – from hearty soups to slow-cooked casseroles. Feeding your body with nutrient-dense food, high in vegetable and protein content, will keep you feeling energised and ready to move.

  1. Pack your bags

This one’s a so-simple-it’s-silly hack but it will make an enormous difference if you’re not doing it already. Ever heard the Benjamin Franklin quote “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”? We’re not sure he was talking about getting to barre class, but it’s possible. So – to make your morning non-negotiable, pack yourself a bag the night before. Get your breakfast and lunch prepped, lay out your workout gear and fill your water bottle. This way when the alarm sounds and your inner voice tries to convince you to push snooze 7 times, you can dedicate all your brain power to just getting up. The rest is already done for you.

  1. Have a back-up plan

Time for a reality check – there will be days when mother nature gets the best of you. If you really can’t bring yourself to leave the house (and who can blame you), have a back-up plan. Create a little exercise nook at home and roll out your mat. Barre Body Online offers hundreds of classes with your favourite teachers, and they’ll never even know you’re in your best flannelette PJs.


We’ll see you in the studio – and we can guarantee you’ll be working up a little winter sweat before long.