What is Savasana

What is savasana? And why should you stay for it?

You’ve finished a strong class. Your body is aching (in the best way possible), your breath is fast, and your heart rate is racing. So what could be a more wonderful way to close out your session than by melting into a gorgeous savasana? So much more than a 5-minute rest at the end of class, savasana is a celebrated yoga pose that has just has many beautiful benefits as your vinyasas. In this article, we’re taking you on a little journey to help you enjoy the best of what savasana has to offer your body and your soul.

What is savasana?
Savasana – or corpse pose – is generally the last posture of a yoga or Barre Body class. It involves lying on your back with your arms by your side, palms facing up, legs relaxed, with your eyes shut and your breath deep. In other words? A magic carpet ride to savasana heaven.

How do you know if you’re doing it right?
Like all yoga postures – there’s no ‘one way’ to do savasana. You simply need to work on what feels best for your body, and allows you to experience the true beauty of savasana. Your entire body should be relaxed and should melt into your mat, to release tension and prepare yourself to make the transition from class, back to real life.

Why is it so important?
Savasana decreases your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and general levels of anxiety. It also increases your energy levels, boosts your memory and stimulates your the ability to concentrate. Not only that – it also gives you a more easy sleep and brings a general sense of wellbeing. Why wouldn’t you do it!?

After a tough class, savasana also allows your body to rest, and to digest the important changes that have taken place in your body throughout class prior to entering the madness of normal life. This is a beautiful practice to strengthen your nervous system and calm your mind. Just like lifting weights to strengthen your biceps, placing controlled stress on the nervous system allows your body to develop the strength and endurance you need to manage normal life. However, if you don’t take that opportunity and jump straight back into normal life, your nervous system will become too tightly wound. The result? You won’t gain all the benefits from your practice.

Beyond all these benefits, savasana is also a lovely time to practice meditation, to dream, and to reflect.

What if you really can’t stay?
At Barre Body, you’ll find a savasana at the end of nearly every class. We ask that if you need to dash off quickly, then please do so before savasana begins, so you don’t interrupt your fellow students’ practice.