What to eat (and what not to eat) after your workout

We’ve all been there. After a gruelling Barre Body class where you’ve tucked, pulsed and moved your body into oblivion, you’re heading straight for a feed. And while it’s incredibly tempting to go straight for whatever your body is craving (after all, you’ve earned it) – there’s a much more rewarding way to fuel your body.

After a tough workout, to maximise your results, your focus should be on rehydrating, keeping your metabolism moving, and replenishing your body’s glycogen. So what should you reach for when those post-class hunger pangs set in?

Head straight for:

  1. Bananas
    Rich in potassium and carbohydrates, they’ll replenish your body in the best way possible.
  2. Clean protein
    Nope, that’s not bacon, unfortunately. Instead, opt for a clean protein that you can add to a smoothie (like whey or a vegan protein powder) to help your muscle tissues in their recovery period post-class.
  3. Starches
    Carb lovers, rejoice! This is the perfect time to indulge in something a little starchy. Brown rice is our pick.

Stay away from:

  1. Oily foods
    Unfortunately, high fat foods will slow down the rapid digestion that your body experiences after a workout.
  2. Nuts
    What!? We know … It seems completely counter-intuitive to everything we know about nutrition. While nuts certainly have their place in a healthy diet, immediately following a workout isn’t the best time to consume them. They release their energy slowly, and can therefore slow down your digestion immediately following a class.
  3. Red meat
    This may not be such a sad surprise, as we’re yet to meet someone who wants to head straight to the steakhouse following a Barre Body class. However, if you’re thinking of adding an extra sausage or rasher of bacon to your breakfast plate, think twice, as saturated fats can slow your metabolic function straight after a tough workout.
  4. Coffee
    Coffee can dehydrate your body, which is not what your body needs after a workout. Instead, make sure you’re properly rehydrated before you order your cappuccino.

What are your favourite snacks and meals post-workout? Tell us in the comments below!