How to choose the best Pilates or Barre Teacher Training Course

So, you’re thinking about training as a Pilates or Barre teacher – how exciting!  

Before we get started, we’d be mad not to remind you that we truly believe that our Pilates and barre teacher training programs are the best in the industry, but we also believe that one size doesn’t fit all.

So, we want to help you find the best fit for YOU. 

In our many years of training world-class instructors, we’ve gotten very good at knowing who is suitable for our programs and who might benefit from a different style of training.

We want to make it easy for you to make your choice and so we’ve distilled our knowledge into this list of 10 things you should consider when making your decision…

  1.   Does the training provider have an established reputation? 

Reputation is very important – the studios you will look to be hired in will want to know where you did your training as the quality across the industry varies greatly. Barre Body instructors tend to get hired easily as we are so well known for nurturing exceptional teachers.

  1.   Is the price right for me? 

The cost of teacher training can vary from the hundreds to the thousands, and as with most things, the general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. You might choose a cheaper certification and that can be ok if you are an experienced teacher just looking to add an extra style to your teaching repertoire. If you are new to teaching or less experienced, you should look for a more in-depth program with ongoing support.

  1.   What does the course cover? 

Many courses have a focus on repertoire (the exercises) and anatomy, without giving enough (or sometimes any) focus on the other crucial aspects of teaching like how to connect with clients, how to teach to varied levels, how to layer exercises from easy to complicated, how to cue, how to physically adjust clients, how to project your voice, how to plan and sequence a class, how to flow one exercise to the next, where to place yourself in the room while you are teaching, and much, much more.
Unashamed disclaimer to the reader: This blog is intended to be impartial, but we just can’t be impartial on this point! Our courses cover every aspect mentioned above with the aim of producing exceptional teachers who truly know how to teach. It’s our special sauce, if you like./i>

  1.   What support will I receive before, during and after the training?

What pre and post course support will you be offered? Will you be coached and nurtured throughout the process of becoming a teacher? Does the training provider give you opportunities to continue your education (super important once you are a teacher)? Look for a course that speaks to your style of learning and the level of support you hope to receive.

  1.   How quickly do I want to get this done? 

How soon do you want to be a teacher and when do you want to start? As mentioned above, if you want a quick fix, you might choose a shorter course, but be wary that it might not give you the high quality experience you are hoping for, or teach you everything you need to know to teach well.
If you are ready and raring to go, you might opt for an online certification so you can get started straight away. More on that below. 

  1.   Should I study online?

We love online learning. Not only does it allow you to start straight away and approach the content at your own pace (fast or slow), but you have the ability to review video lectures and content again and again until you properly comprehend the concepts presented. Often in a live training setting, you will miss certain crucial bits of information because you are hungry, tired or overwhelmed. With online study, you can repeat modules as many times as you like.

  1.   Is accreditation important? 

The short answer is yes and no. Accreditation with bodies like Fitness Australia and Essa are good measures of quality. Courses must meet a certain standard and quality to be certified so it’s worth looking for these ticks of approval. Much more important though, is the industry reputation of the training provider. Look for a training program that people know, love and trust.

  1.   Where will I be able to teach?

Consider your teaching goals and decide what sort of environment do you want to teach in, and which course will best serve you to achieve that goal. Do you want to teach in gyms, or halls, or from your own home, from a clinic, online, or in a boutique studio? Choose the course which is the most closely aligned to where you want to end up. 

  1.   What is the training community like? 

As a teacher, community is so important. The more like-minded people you bond with on your teaching journey, the more supported and connected you will feel as you develop your career. Choose a training group whose brand, values, studios, and teachers resonate with you, and one that has a strong community for you to engage with and belong to. A good place to get a feel for a brand is social media – do I like what this company has to offer? Is it aligned with who I want to be as a teacher? Go to their studio/s and see if you like the vibe, teachers and clients.

  1. And the BIG ONE, what style do you want to teach? 

This is really, really important as the answer will inform the course you choose. If you want to teach clinical Pilates or barre, then you should opt for a course that has a deep focus on injuries and 1:1 programming. If you want to teach a dynamic and flowing or power class, then look for a training provider who specialises in this (hint: Barre Body).

The most important thing is to choose a course and school that resonates with you and makes you feel excited about your career.  

So, there you have it. Considering these 10 things will help you to select a Barre or Pilates teacher training program that really fits you.

Nurturing exceptional teachers really is our passion, and as you’ll see in the video below, this is just one of the reasons that Barre body is so special (if we don’t say so ourselves). In the short video below, Barre Body’s Managing Director Matt Kane shares what makes Barre Body such a special and respected brand in the industry.

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