How to plan an amazing Pilates class

Are you ready to step onto the mat or the reformer with an unforgettable Pilates class? It’s time to channel all the magic you have inside you as we explore the secrets to planning an amazing Pilates class and a beautiful experience for your clients. From setting the right ambiance to crafting well-balanced sequences, we have you covered. So let’s dive into the art of planning an exceptional Pilates class that will leave your clients feeling strong, centred, and ready to book in their next class with yours truly.

Set the stage

Creating the perfect ambiance is essential for setting the tone of your class. Pay attention to the lighting, music, and overall atmosphere of the space. Soft, soothing lighting can help create a calming environment, while energising music can provide a motivating backdrop for your class. Consider using essential oils or candles (aligned to your studio’s guidelines) to enhance the sensory experience. Remember, every detail counts when it comes to creating an atmosphere that allows your clients to fully immerse themselves in their Pilates practice.

Begin with intention

Start your class by setting a clear intention or theme that will guide your students throughout the session. Whether it’s focusing on core strength, spinal alignment, or overall mind-body connection, a well-defined intention will help create a sense of purpose and direction for your class. Share your intention at the beginning of the session, allowing your clients to connect with it on a deeper level and infuse their practice with intention and meaning.

Warm up and mobilise

A thoughtful warm up is essential to prepare the body for the challenges ahead. Begin with gentle mobilisation exercises that focus on joint mobility and activation of key muscles. Incorporate movements that target the spine, hips, shoulders, and neck to release tension and increase range of motion. Encourage your clients to connect with their breath and set the foundation for mindful movement right from the start.

Build balanced sequences

Crafting well-balanced sequences is key to providing a comprehensive experience. Consider the principles of Pilates, such as alignment, control, and breath, as you design your sequences. Start with foundational exercises and gradually progress to more challenging movements. Incorporate a variety of equipment to add diversity and to target different muscle groups. Be mindful of providing modifications and progressions to accommodate various levels and individual needs.

Focus on flow and transitions

Seamless transitions and a sense of flow are essential in any gorgeous Pilates or barre class. Aim to create a continuous movement experience by linking exercises together and minimising breaks between them. Guide your clients through smooth transitions, allowing them to maintain their focus and connection throughout the entire class. Smooth transitions not only enhance the flow of the class but also create a sense of rhythm and grace, elevating the overall experience.

End with a mindful cool down

As you approach the end of your class, shift the focus to a gentle and mindful cool-down. Incorporate stretching exercises that target the muscles worked during the class, promoting relaxation and flexibility. Encourage your clients to slow down their breath and bring their awareness back to their bodies. End the class with a few moments of stillness and reflection, allowing your clients to savour the benefits of their practice.

Recognise when you need some inspiration

If you’re struggling to find ideas for your class planning, or are facing a creative block when it comes to sequences, there’s no shame in reaching for inspiration (in fact, it should be celebrated). You may like to check out a pre-developed class plan (complete with a video and tips!) to shake things up, or to watch some pre-existing classes to spark inspiration. The options are limitless, and you’re always spoiled for choice and support with Barre Body.

Remember, planning an amazing class is an art form that combines creativity, expertise, and a deep understanding of your clients’ needs. Embrace the principles of Pilates or barre, infuse your class with intention, and provide a well-balanced sequence that challenges and nurtures your clients. By creating an unforgettable experience that leaves your clients feeling empowered and invigorated, you’ll build a loyal following and elevate the world of Pilates one incredible class at a time.

Need some planning inspiration? We have you covered with full class plans!