Meet Lara, our Bende Byron Bay Studio Manager

Our newest addition to join our sister studio Bende Byron Bay is the gorgeous Physiotherapist Lara, who has made the move all the way from England to balmy Byron. Here’s a deep dive into some pressing questions we couldn’t resist asking.

What’s your favourite class to teach?

At the moment, I am loving teaching Sunday morning Barre classes. Clients often leave feeling more energised than when they first arrive! It’s great to see the power of exercise and endorphins. Takings a class on a Sunday is a beautiful way to end the week, but also set intentions for the new week ahead.

What’s your ideal post-class meal/snack/drink/treat?

Anything from Vagabond… I am developing a mild addiction for their smoothies. It is located dangerously close to the Bende Studio (right downstairs in fact).

What’s your go-to song to get you pumped up for class?

‘I am women’ by Emmy Meli

It is a perfect example of the use of positive affirmations. I believe it is so important to speak, affirm, your positive thoughts. Saying (or maybe even singing!) your affirmations is so empowering and can give you the control to shape not only your mindset but motivate you to achieve and subsequently impact your life. It’s also a pretty catchy tune.

The last good book you read?

I am a little science nerd at heart so either The Body by Bill Bryson or Unnatural Causes by Dr Richard Shepherd. As a physio, I am always keen to learn more about our magnificent bodies. Both books are light-hearted and full of fun facts but also poignant so act as a gentle reminder you to show gratitude for the beautiful gift that is life.

What can we expect to experience in your class?

I am a chatty, enthusiastic person so that is reflected in my class style. My classes are dynamic, you’ll be flowing from one move to the next!  Expect to break a sweat. You will work hard, utilising all your muscles but will always have fun. Visible jelly shaking legs feature heavily in my classes…

Find Lara at @welcome_to_the_l.a.b