Meet scholarship winner, Amy!

We’d like to think we know the power of movement. It can shift our mindset, our perspective, our day. But one person who knows this better than most? Amy-Michelle Southall. Amy is a career first-responder, and knows first-hand the power of movement to move through difficulty or trauma. Living regionally and with two young sons, Amy is a long-time member of Barre Body Online and now … She’s our latest Barre Body Teacher Training Scholarship winner! We couldn’t be more proud to have Amy in our family of trainees, and are honoured that someone with such a full, important and busy life has chosen to take the next step of her life with us. Amy, you’re amazing! Now, let’s meet this superwoman …

Hi, Amy! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi there, I’m Amy – mama of two beautiful boys from the Goldfields in WA. I’m a postpartum health coach, career first responder and lover of chocolate, dogs and faerie novels (IYKYK). My days off are spent moving my body, taking my boys to the park (and having a heart attack watching them be little daredevils on the playground!), having coffee with friends and brekkie dates with my husband.

What is it that attracted you to Barre Body?

Having been a member of Barre Body Online for a few months now, I love the non-judgmental vibe and the on-demand classes. All of the teachers I’ve watched so far have been bright and helpful, and their cues have been perfect. I love the fact that there are always regressions offered, so I can meet my body where it is on that particular day. 

Why does the scholarship mean so much to you?

Being a mum, plus working full time in a regional area means that I don’t have the option to take a week off to attend an in-person course (although I’d love the mini-holiday!). The ability to complete the course, in the small pockets of spare time I have, purely online, makes becoming a Pilates teacher accessible to me. I feel honoured to receive this scholarship, and I can’t wait to be fully trained so I can start serving my community.

Can you tell us what movement means to you?

Movement has always been a part of my life, albeit in different ways in different phases of my life. It’s also intrinsically linked to my mental health – when I’m moving, I’m happy. Having been a first responder for over a decade now, trauma is unfortunately an inevitable part of my life, and movement helps me process it in a healthy way. Had a bad day – move. Feeling grumpy – move. Movement is, in my view, a type of therapy (but definitely no replacement for actual therapy!). I always finish a movement session feeling better, mentally and physically, than when I started.

From the perspective of being a mum, movement is my time out from the chaos of chasing two toddlers around. It’s also what I want to normalise around my boys. I want to show them how movement is a non-negotiable part of taking care of yourself – a way to stay, as my 3 year old loves to say, “big and strong.” 

Movement is also my insurance policy against injury. Having previously suffered a ruptured disc in my back (from picking by toddler up from the floor, no less!), I want to do everything I can to prevent that from happening again, and Pilates movements are the perfect way to mobilise my spine without aggravating anything. 

What are you most excited to get out of the training?

I’m looking forward to learning all about anatomy and alignment, as well as developing my own teaching style along the way. The combinations are endless, and I can’t wait to use my creativity to develop some fun Pilates flows.

What impact do you hope that your story has on your community?

I want to show that movement is a powerful tool for processing stress and trauma, especially for first responders. I also want to inspire other mums to put themselves first for once – being strong, happy and less stressed out makes the hard days so much easier!

Does movement support your own wellbeing? Would you like to share that passion and purpose with others? We’d love to have you join our family. Check out all things Teacher Training right here, and reach out any time if we can help you on your journey.