Introducing Elements

Introducing Elements

Words: Gemma Dawkins


When we ask our beautiful Barre Body members what their goals are, it usually goes a little like this:

“I’d like to tone up, get fit, and improve my flexibility. I need to practice mindfulness but I can’t meditate. I want to sweat, but also sculpt. I get bored easily, so it needs to be fun. Oh, and I’ve only got an hour. Can we get started?”

Can we ever! We all know that #balance means hitting that perfect note blending strength and mobility, high intensity and low impact. We know rest is crucial for recovery, but challenge is vital for results. And in our multi-tasking, dry-shampooing, 42-tabs-open lifestyles, we’re all craving a little bit of peace and quiet.

More is more when it’s a buffet breakfast situation, but when it comes to fitness, we don’t want to add yet another class to your to-do list. So, we’ve crafted the perfect blend of well-rounded fitness programming and rolled it all into ONE: one hour, one stop, one class.

Introducing Elements; an Australian first, and your new obsession. Flow through three stages to treat your body and your mind, all in one magic moment.



It was either Isak Dinesen or someone on Pinterest who said ‘the cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea.’ Sweat is our specialty, so Elements starts with a new wave of cardio that pumps your heartrate without a burpee or jumping jack in sight. Think feel-good, full-body flow that will really sneak up on you the next day. The repetition of large, full-range movements will slide you into a mindful state just like a moving meditation, all the while burning through those calories.



The famous barre burn that is our signature has a new lease on life. In Elements, we bring the strengthening off the barre with a super-toning sequence to sculpt your body fast. Our shiny new gliders will get your core firing throughout, while the sequence targets arms, thighs and glutes. Yes, you’ll shake. It’s what we do.



To round out the class, sculpting gives way to the final element: slow, juicy stretches which settle into some heavenly guided stillness. Your mind and your body will thank you for it, and you can tick ‘stretch’ off your daily to-do list for the first time in, um, a while.


Practice Makes Perfect

Or pretty damn good, anyway. The other major feature of our Elements class is that you’ll practice the same class for 8 weeks before we introduce a new sequence. The beauty of this is that you’ll get an opportunity to get into the groove, see and track your progress as you improve with practice, and really focus on your form since the material is familiar. But don’t worry, it won’t get stale. New sequences will keep you on your toes when the time comes.


Barre Body has a new look, a new class, and you may have spotted our hashtag #mindfultransformation in studio. This year we’re focusing on transforming not just our bodies, but our minds. With benefits like reduced stress levels, improved sleep, and even hormone regulation – what’s not to love? Keep an eye out for our next blog, breaking down what mindfulness actually is.

Have you tried an Elements class? Let us know how you went in the comments below. Haven’t experienced the movement yet? We’re so excited to share our latest offering with you. Find an Elements class near you here.