Spotlight on Scholarship winner, Nicole

Nicole Stanton is many things: a new mum, a community activist, and one of our 2021 Teacher Training Scholarship winners. She’s also a woman on a mission. A mission to carve out time for herself, and encourage those around her to do the same. What a star. 

Hey, Nicole! So great to chat. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Nicole and I live in Northland, New Zealand. I was brought up in the Bay of Islands in Kurri Kurri and later moved to Matauri Bay which is a little coastal area on the east coast of New Zealand. I’m a mum to a one-year-old son, and I have a beautiful partner who supports me through all of life. I work for the Family District Councillor as a Community Development Advisor and basically, I’m just really passionate about supporting our community to be resilient – especially up here in Northland. 

We love that – community is everything to us. So, what is it that attracted you to Barre Body?

I’ve always been quite into health and fitness but since I had my bub, my world’s just completely shifted. I’ve really struggled to find the time to prioritise it.

I started following Barre Body on social media and definitely was attracted to the softness and kindness that was coming across. I’m a complete beginner to Pilates – I’ve probably only done 5 or so different classes over the past five years. And when you’re interested in learning, it can be quite daunting, especially in a studio situation where everyone looks like an expert. 

That’s what I felt locally. Here, there’s maybe two Pilates studios, but everyone who goes is at that expert level. So it’s quite daunting to step into that when you’re starting from the beginning. That’s what drew me to Barre Body. I found the messaging really inviting and warm. So when I saw the opportunity for the scholarship I thought, “that’s awesome I’ll go for it.”

And we’re so glad you did! What does movement mean to you?

Movement for me is not really about the body, it’s really about the mind. 

Your mind shapes your body, and having a clear mind shapes your movement and what you do and how you do things.

We couldn’t agree more. Tell us, what are you most excited to get out of the Pilates mat training?

I’m really looking forward to having this ‘me time’ since I had bub, and to master Pilates for myself. Also, the support. I think physically I’ll be able to navigate the course, but it’s that mental guidance and mental support that I’m most excited about. When you have great support, it allows you to dig deeper and find what’s already inside you and bring it out.

What impact do you hope completing the training will have on your community?

To me, community is my family and friends, so I’m looking forward to sharing this with them, having fun and helping those who perhaps don’t have the best health and fitness. 

It’s been such a crazy time with covid, so whether someone is looking for a supportive mechanism, an outlet to wind down, or just wants to give it a go, hopefully I can encourage them to have that experience.

Thanks so much for being with us today, Nicole. Here’s to enjoying your “me time” and sharing a little Barre Body love with your nearest and dearest. 

Have you ever wanted to teach Pilates on your terms? Is it your dream to bring mindful movement to your community? Have you experienced obstacles – financial pressures, mental blocks, time restraints – and need extra support? We’ve got you.

Our Teacher Training Scholarships applications are open and give you the choice of Barre, Pilates Mat, or Reformer Pilates training. We review applicants quarterly, so you can apply right now, next month, or whenever you want.