Sure, you’ll have to learn to love the early mornings. But the perks are plentifuland we’re not just talking about your butt.

What could be better? If your barre class is what gets you out of bed in the morning, why not make it your career? We hear all the time about the perils of being desk-bound. Our bodies are built to move, so it’s no surprise that working up a sweat (literally) leaves you feeling buzzing and energised at the end of the day. Plus, when you’re focused on teaching, you often won’t even notice how much physical activity you’re doing. Until you wake up sore the next day, that is.

Speaking of being desk-bound – teaching is the ultimate way to unshackle yourself from the daily grind. By peak hour you’ve already taught a class or two, and you’re ready for a leisurely breakfast. Or if you’re a night owl, your days can be free for sleep-ins and strolls before the evening classes kick off. 3pm slump? Let’s trade that in for a 3pm nap.

With most teaching positions classed as ‘contractor’, you’re lucky enough to pick and choose the jobs you take. Got kids? Pick up lunchtime classes and you can still do the school drop-off. Studying? You can always get your classes covered during exam time, or take on some extras while you’re on break.

Activewear ain’t cheap – unless it’s your uniform! Instructors enjoy standing discounts with most fitness brands like Lululemon (and that’s before we even mention the ambassador and brand rep opportunities). Repeat after me: tax deductible expense.

While you’re usually running classes solo, teaching is an incredible way to get connected with a network. That post-class coffee with a regular client quickly turns into a friendship outside the studio. Your Friday night class might migrate from barre to bar and before you know it, work feels like a catch up with friends.

Yep – no more wading through company policy or dealing with dodgy decisions from above. Teaching barre or pilates gives you the freedom to design your own life. Decide when you’ll take breaks, when you’ll ramp up your hours, and where to give your energy. You get control of your income (want a pay rise? Add a class to your schedule!) Simple.

With new clients, new class styles and new research to keep up with, teaching is ever-changing. Learning to perfect and adapt your classes for clients with injuries, pregnancies, or special cases, there’s no chance to stagnate. And with an incredible wealth of knowledge out there, you can always add to your skill-set with a short course or workshop to give you a burst of inspiration.

Teaching is truly a feel-good profession. Instead of trying to clear your inbox, your daily aim is to help people. You’ll witness light-bulb moments, see physical and mental breakthroughs, and help your clients reach goals they didn’t know they could. Your class might be the thing that turns someone’s day around – and that feels pretty damn good.

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