Meet Barre Body Teacher Training graduate, Siobhan Clohesy

We would love for you to meet Siobhan Clohesy one of our incredible training graduates. We understand that lots of our students have a deep desire to open their own barre studio, but are paralyzed by their fear of failure and the unknown. To help you overcome some of this uncertainty, Siobhan kindly offers you deep insights into her personal journey of opening her very own, beautiful barre studio, Barre Collective in Mildura.

How did completing Barre Body’s 150-hr Teacher Training program change the course of your life?

My first barre experience was in 2012 at Barre Body’s Flinders Lane studio in Melbourne. I loved Barre Body’s method so much that when the teacher trainings became open to the public, I didn’t hesitate to sign up!

At the time I wasn’t sure where the training would take me. Hairdressing then for fourteen years, I was always open to trying something different and knowing how much I loved Barre, what a great balance it could be! I didn’t believe I could be a teacher and had doubts at one point. I know it was all nerves and now I can’t believe I have my very own Barre studio! I couldn’t be more thankful to the Barre Body team for their amazing education and encouragement.

What was the highlight of the course for you?

Getting a full understanding of the barre method from the anatomy to the very fine details of the exercises. The training was fantastic. Miriam and Teresa kept the learning so interesting with incredible support throughout the whole course.

Since completing the course, how did you gain the confidence to follow your dreams of opening your own studio?

Moving from Melbourne to Mildura so many people had told me how great it would be if I opened a studio. I had so much support from family and friends, I decided to take the chance and do it!

What was the biggest challenge you have had to overcome?

Finding the perfect studio. I’m quite a perfectionist so I knew the space had to be perfect. I hadn’t found my “perfect” space until I first came to look at my now studio. As soon as I walked in, I loved it! It has such a feel good vibe, which is so important! I get lots of comments how nice it is to exercise in a beautiful space.

Best three tips for anyone thinking about opening their own barre studio?

Start resourcing what you need- mirrors, barres and all your equipment so once you get those keys you can get the ball rolling! Register your business name ASAP so it’s yours! Get your social media pages up and keep them interesting, it’s the best and cheapest form of advertising to get people talking.

Best advice you have been given?

Once you have made your decision on your new venture, don’t look back… Just go for it!

Describe a day in your life?

On the day’s where I have 6am classes, I get up 5:10am (one of the perks of living in the country, it only takes 10 minutes to get anywhere!) I prefer not to eat before class. Once class is finished, if it’s a nice morning I will go to the Murry River only a few blocks away from the studio for a walk, followed by breakfast out or I make my own at the studio. Between classes I practice new moves at the barre and research different techniques to use in my classes.

I still do a little hairdressing, I turned the back room of the studio into a mini salon to keep my hands  in the industry. I fit that between classes when I can. It’s a good balance- I often feel like Mrs.Doubtfire changing from Barre teacher to hairdresser then quickly back to barre teacher.

I try not to stay up too late, I’m a morning person so I like to be on, ready to go as soon as I get up!

Any other useful tips, tricks or advice?

Be yourself and remember that you can’t please everyone. Look after your body. I have a remedial massage monthly and make sure I stick to it.

Three words to describe your life as a barre studio owner?

Fortunate, proud & privileged.

Greatest teaching tip for delivering exceptional classes everyday?

Be fully present for that whole class. Recently I taught a class where different clients had a knee injury, a wrist recovering from an operation and two pregnancies at different stages. My brain was going in circles making sure I was giving all the correct modifications. They got through the class and so did I knowing that I had covered everyone’s needs.

I start with one side of the body in class all the time, (usually right for some unknown reason) so I don’t confuse myself! That way I know I can get fancy layering in exercises not repeating the same thing on the same side (ouch).

What advice do you have for someone considering a Barre Body teacher training?

Do it! You won’t be disappointed with their world- class education.

What’s the best thing about owning your own barre studio?

So many! I love meeting new people and watching them on their barre journey, seeing them fall in love with it just like I did.  Flexibility between classes is also great!

What’s the worst thing about owning your own barre studio?

No holidays for a while! But that will change, excited to have some new teachers starting!

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