Meet Barre Body teacher training graduate (and teacher!) Amiee Hershan

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I started dancing at the age of two. My mum really loved Torvil and Dean and wanted me to be an ice dancer, so took me to ballet as she heard they trained in ballet!

However, I was definitely into a warmer environment from an early age. I trained at Laine Theatre Arts from the age of 16, and when I graduated, I somehow fell into hairdressing (to make extra money to go to Pineapple for professional classes!), and then somehow ended up being a session stylist in fashion. This meant I worked on fashion weeks, for magazines and with celebrities. Fast forward a few years, and my husband (who is from Melbourne) got a job in Sydney, so we all relocated, and now here I am!

What did your life look like before the Barre Body Teacher Training Program?

After relocating, I decided to take three months off with my son Rudi, to get used to Sydney. A typical day would usually start with a barre class at the Surry Hills studio, and then we would go to the beach or a museum and just explore Sydney. Before being in Sydney, I never knew where I was going to be until about 5pm the night before! It definitely kept life interesting (I ended up in some bizarre/amazing situations!).

What compelled you to undertake the Barre Body Teacher Training Program?

The gorgeous Gemma asked me if I was interested in taking the course. I loved barre – it challenged me mentally and physically (and I liked he results) so I thought why not!? It’s always good to add another string to the bow, but I never thought I’d end up teaching!

What does your life look like now?

A typical Tuesday for me (each day differs, depending on what time I’m teaching) starts by taking Rudi to school and walking the dog. I then normally have some time to take a moment for myself (after the morning madness), which involves breakfast and a coffee. I then drop the dog at home and make my way into the CBD studio. I teach the two lunchtime classes of Barre Body and Barre Fit. I finish at 2pm, and then I’ve got time to go home, do the school run, and manage the usual dinner and bedtime mayhem. I try to get an early night, as I start at 6.45am in Surry Hills in the morning.

Has the program changed your life?

Yes! It so has! For the better. I’m a lot less stressed, I have more patience and I really like to constantly challenge myself. I’m always trying to learn new things, even if it’s just down to a different way of cueing, or a savasana, or trying something totally mental. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it really, really doesn’t!

What was the highlight of the course for you?

I think reconnecting with my love of dance and my body. And meeting really amazing, inspirational women such as Emma, Miriam, Teresa and Gabrielle.

How do you find teaching barre and being a mother?

It’s the best job for motherhood! Before I could leave the house at 5am and not get in until midnight, and so I’d miss my son growing up. Now, I do all the school runs. And if there is a problem, I have an amazing network behind me and everyone supports each other. Also, I’m pregnant and I find the classes take my mind off any sickness, tiredness or moodiness, and make me feel great afterwards.

What is your favourite thing about teaching barre?

My favourite part of being a barre teaching is making people feel good about themselves (afterwards – not during thighs!). There are not a lot of jobs where you actually can say that.

What are your top tips for anyone wanting to follow their dreams in the way you have?

  1. Never give up! Ever. I was told so many times, “You’ll never do this, you’ll never do that,” and it just made me work harder.
  2. Grow a thick skin, as you will likely take some criticism. I know there are probably some people who don’t enjoy my classes for whatever reason, but I just think about the people who do.

What is your best tip for delivering exceptional classes?

Be yourself and have a sense of humour. People love Barre Body because every teacher brings a different quality. I loved that too when I was coming to class.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about doing the Barre Body Teacher Training Program?

Be kind to yourself! It’s a lot of information in a short space of time, and it took me ages to get the hang of it. I hadn’t read any pre-material and hated public speaking, but I got there in the end. Overall, it was the best, most life changing thing I’ve ever done.

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