The best healthy food delivery services

Around this time of the year, the days begin to get busier, the nights get swallowed up by social activities, and the health resolutions we had at the beginning of spring … ? Well, they seem to fall to the wayside.

After an unofficial Barre Body team meeting a few weeks ago, we realised that far too many of us were resorting to take away, far too often. But without spending the whole weekend preparing food for the week, how could we maintain a healthy eating plan? Enter food delivery services.

Nothing like the food delivery we’re all too accustomed with (hello, Menulog), these services deliver healthy, nutritious, pre-preared meals that require just a few minutes of love. No thinking, no planning, and no guilt required.

We test drove three, to bring you a review of the best healthy food delivery services that we could get our hands on. Here’s what we found.


A brand new offering in the home delivery space, this has to be one of our favourites to date. Working with the motto of “good, good for you food,” we have to say they deliver on all fronts. The meals feel anything but diet-centric (yuck), but rather, are packed full of flavour and unlike so many other meal delivery services, are truly filling. And we don’t have tiny appetites. With meals from chicken san choy bow with wild rice and green beans, to beef & bean burritos with sweet potato wedges, to miso tofu noodles with edamame, we know you’ll be satisfied with these dishes for a post-barre (or during-Netflix) meal.

Amy says, “During the most recent Sydney lockdown, these became a lifesaver for frantic lunches where I was juggling three children, Zoom calls and a washing basket that was growing by the second. Even if the rest of my meals that day consisted of discarded toast crusts or a takeaway pizza, I knew I’d done something good for myself with Dineamic.”

Fit and Fresh

Offering healthy eating plans that make eating well way too easy, Fit and Fresh are on to a winner. We tried their 5-day healthy eating dinner packs, and true to their name, were really impressed away by how fresh the food was. Even more impressive was the simplicity and tastiness of the meals. With absolutely no funny ingredients, we were amazed by the way they managed to make such gorgeous, simple flavours and ingredients shine. We opted for their large meals, and despite having healthy appetites, couldn’t finish them (bonus for next-day leftovers). Super generous and yummy, this is a really great option if you’re looking for healthy, easy, nutritious meals on your doorstep.

Gabrielle says, “The last thing I feel like doing after a very busy day running from studio to studio teaching Barre Body classes is preparing a healthy but nutritious meal. Fit & Fresh simplified my day by delivering five delicious meals to my front door. My problem is that I don’t incorporate enough variety in my diet as I often don’t feel very inspired to cook for just one. The best thing about Fit&Fresh is that they keep their ingredients to a bare minimum and don’t add any overpowering sauces and avoid any preservatives. What you read on the label is exactly what you get. It’s healthy but tasty and so easy as all of the meals simply just need to be heated and voila, you have a scrumptious scotch fillet with mushrooms and gravy accompanied with a side of salad (which was my absolute favourite). “

Eat Fit Food (pictured)

When it comes to delicious, healthy food delivered straight to your door, we don’t think it comes much better than this. Impressively, Eat Fit Food delivered your meals every morning, so you know they are super fresh. Every dinner we tried received a huge ‘thumbs up’ for flavour. Beyond delicious, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d ordered from a local restaurant with Eat Fit Food. The menu changes weekly, but with options like pea, broccoli & white bean goodness bowls with shaved coconut, Korean chicken bibimbap with fried egg & chilli sauce and herb crusted fish with celeriac & potato mash, green peas & silverbeet, we don’t think you could go wrong. While we only tried dinners for a week, we’re now incredibly tempted to try their full program, which covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Catering for those wanting anything from a six-week ‘transform your life’ program to simple healthy eating options, they have something (delicious) for everyone.

Gabrielle says, “Eat Fit Food was an absolute luxury as the meals were delivered daily in a little bag with ice-blocks. I loved how each meal was thought out so carefully, down to packaged salad dressing that accompanied the meal. Again, the variety was fantastic and the attention to detail was significant. The combinations were so interesting and very creative. My favourite was the coconut and pumpkin curry with bamboo shoots and snake beans. I would highly recommend Eat Fit Food but it is an investment!”

Transform Kitchen

We first discovered gems behind Transform Kitchen at Orange Grove Markets, where their poached egg & avocado smash made it onto our list of top weekend breakfast spots. Now, they’re also doing food delivery services for lunches and dinners across Sydney. They source a majority of their produce locally, and prepare the meals in the morning to be delivered fresh on the very same day (just order by 6pm the day before). We had a team lunch of bush spiced sirloin, served in a roasted beet and sweet potato salad of pearl barley and a sweet mustard dressing. And boy oh boy, did it deliver. Absolutely delicious, nutritious and filling, we were all on the website moments later, wanting to order more. Highly, highly recommended if you know you’re going to have a busy day tomorrow, and want to make your life so much more simple and delicious.

Our verdict?
These services are an absolute no-brainer for anyone who is time poor, but still looking to take care of their bodies. They are convenient, delicious and wholesome. We’d love to know of any healthy food delivery services you’ve tried and would recommend (we seem to now have become a bit addicted … !), so please tell us in the comments box below!