July #FabFinds

While it may be resembling the arctic outside, we’re feeling positively sunny with these amazing #FabFinds for July. Chosen by our gorgeous team; these are the things that are making our world go round this month.

Hindsight Wood sunglasses
Hindsight Wood
These hand-crafted wooden sunglasses are super cool. Hand made in Sydney, they’re transporting us straight to a beach in Bali.

Mindfulness colouring
Apparently working with your hands is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. And when working with hands comes with colouring pencils … We are so in. There are some gorgeous colouring books (and even some apps) on the market that provide practical exercises in mindfulness that draws on your creativity and hones your focus.

General deliciousness
Screenshot 2015-07-16 16.54.05
Our Melbourne team have been discovering foodie gems left, right and centre. As firm devotees of the ‘balance’ philosophy, we’re right behind Nadine’s addiction to the peanut butter & Nutella crepe at Rue de Creperie. On a slightly more wholesome note, Natalie is getting into Sunsol’s 10+ muesli to start the day, and Jodi has discovered My Goodness Organics Meal Delivery. With the mission that says that they love real food, nourishing people, spreading happiness and inspiration whenever and to whoever possible, we are so on board.

Slow parenting
The mummy readers among us will know that there’s really nothing ‘slow’ about parenting. Perhaps that’s what makes the ‘slow parenting’ movement so appealing. This gorgeous article shows a glimpse into a world where between work schedules, multiple children, nonstop e-mails, and after school activities, families are carving out unhurried time just for themselves. Very inspiring.