Tinsel-free Christmas

How to have a tinsel-free Christmas

Words: Gemma Dawkins

It started in October. A few stray wisps of sparkle could be seen peeking around supermarket aisles. By November they’d grown bolder, snaking themselves around columns and unfurling from bargain bins. And now? Buses, street lights, and shop windows are bedecked: the tinsel is taking over.

It happens every year, although we can all agree the Christmas season seems to start just a touch earlier every year. If you need a refresher on why tinsel is just the worst, there’s a handy list here. Also, it’s dangerous for your cat, so have a heart, won’t you?

Now, before you cry Grinch – this is not a call to deny the festive fantasy that is Christmas time. If you’ve been to a Barre Body studio this week, you’ll have seen our beautiful tinsel-free trees. By all means, break out your ornaments! Load up your Buble playlists! Feast merrily on pudding (or prawns – it is summer, after all)! In the spirit of Saint Nick himself, here are a few ways you can tinsel-tox your home and still indulge in some gorgeous festive cheer.

1. Knock, knock

A Christmas wreath is a cheerful way to brighten your doorstep, without blinding your neighbours with your nightly laser show. If you’re crafty, they’re relatively simple to make. As an added bonus, you can keep the costs down by using Australian native foliage: here’s a simple how-to.

2. Branch out

A Christmas tree is a non-negotiable when it comes to seasonal decorating. But there aren’t any rules here (except for the one about no tinsel). Does it have to be a pine tree? Nope! Dress up your Fiddle Leaf Fig in honour of the season! Does it have to be a tree at all? Of course not – a ladder, an artfully arranged stack of books, or a string of fairy lights all make creative and unique tree substitutes. If you are going for a traditional tree, here are just a few decorating ideas to inspire you.

3. Wrap it up


One of the simplest ways to give your Christmas decorations a lift is to theme your gift wrapping. All those presents sitting under the tree (you know, the ones you’ve bought in advance and not in a frenzy on Christmas eve. Ahem) double as decorations, so get creative with your design. A simple brown paper with brown string and a sprig of rosemary makes a gorgeous Etsy-style gift. Go monochrome for a modern effect, or go all-out for the flower lover in your life..

4. Get scheming

Pink Christmas

Choosing a colour accent for your Christmas décor is a fun way to tie it all together and help you feel like Martha Stewart. Traditional red, green and metallic is tried and tested, but if you fancy yourself a Christmas visionary, go pink. Beach dwellers might do a coastal theme, or embrace all white if it’s the closest you’ll get to a white Christmas.

5. Listen up

Tinsel is tacky. Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is so far past tacky, it’s perfect. Once you’ve Pinterest-proofed your gift wrapping, tree, and decorations, it’s time to forget chic. The one Christmas category that simply must be too much to handle is the Christmas playlist. We recommend a healthy dose of Ariana, Justin, Hanson, Mariah, and Destiny’s Child. Down the Spotify rabbit-hole you go!