A whole new world? How our Barre Body team are navigating life on the inside.


We’re all adjusting to our new lives. Our team has found themselves in all kinds of new situations, and they’re here to share how they’re acclimatising to new daily rituals, keeping movement and mindfulness a priority wherever they can!


I’ve worked from home for many years now, but sharing my work days with my three young boys and my husband has added a whole new dimension to my days. Whilst I am secretly loving having them close to me during a time of vulnerability, the intensity of supporting the kids through home-schooling, while at the same time working full time has been exhausting. The endless energy required to parent young children can leave me feeling like I’m in a spin some days (did i say some? I meant most).

I’m learning to prioritise connection over completion of work and school tasks at the moment, and taking each day as it comes. I’m currently focussing on carving out time for just me (usually in the morning before the crazy of the day kicks in), to breathe, think and move. I’m so grateful for Barre Body Online because there are so many options to inspire me (if I don’t plug my product, am I even a marketer?).


I’ve recently learnt that being lonely and being alone are two very different things. Though single and living alone for close to 3 years, I was previously always out and about, going on (arguably too many) dates, exercising and socialising so that I was always tired, but in the best way. The first week of isolation was extremely polarising, everything I loved, I could no longer participate in (and don’t get me wrong, for good reason).

Since locking myself in, I’ve made sure I’m jumping on a group video chat with my friends, calling my family or facetime my girlfriends as much as I can. I jump onto Barre Body Online at least once a day, and make sure I go out at dusk or dawn for a quick walk to get some fresh air. I get up every day, make my bed, and put on a cute outfit and a bit of mascara for my work video meetings. Lean in when I’m feeling sad with a playlist, and dance in my kitchen when I’m happy. Take every day as it comes, breathe when it gets overwhelming, and sink into the wines when it’s needed.


Adjusting to this new world has been challenging in so many ways. I’m a water baby through and through, so I live about 100 metres from the ocean. Not being able to run down for a quick dip to help clear my mind has encouraged me to find other ways to fill that void. As embarrassing as it is, I’ve now taken up knitting! Never in a million years would I have thought that I would enjoy sitting down with a hot cup of tea and my knitting needles (who am I?).

Like so many others, I’ve also decided to embark on a puzzle journey instead of watching Netflix every evening. I have the fortune of taking our beautiful members through livestream classes most days so I am still able to visit my routine in that way. I’m trying to focus on letting go and just allowing myself to ease into this new way of life. To be honest, it’s actually been quite refreshing to take up new hobbies and be forced to try different things. So, just try and let go (as hard as it is), surrender, take time to do things that you enjoy and try and go with the flow.


Ending a relationship, two weeks in isolation, plus moving back in with my parents has been a growth experience! My parents are incredible, and I’m grateful that I can have my own space here at home.

The first week I felt a sense of relief, and was able to rest and rejuvenate. I’ve found the second week much harder, experiencing big emotional releases as I leaned into my feelings. I love being by myself, so my biggest challenge has been getting on top of sleep patterns while being completely out of a routine and in a completely opposite lifestyle to what I’ve been used to. I absolutely love my job – teaching and being with clients, so not waking up at 5am for them has been very challenging. Meditation and breathwork has been my saviour and absolutely my number one priority for my mental health.

I am finding myself super grateful for simple things. I feel optimistic, and when all else fails,I crank up the music, and dance around my house… I can vouch for it, it works!


To be honest I love my alone time, so initially I didn’t know how I would handle staying at home with my housemates all day. Surprisingly, they have been my saving grace. The support, reassurance and laughs they bring daily has been so uplifting. It’s the little things that are bringing the most joy into our lives at the moment. Anything from cooking together, playing board games or just having a wine and dance in the lounge room.

Our new daily lockdown ritual is to line up our mats side by side (in a very tiny lounge room) and get sweaty with a Barre Body Online class. Dance Cardio is always a go-to! I’m also trying to be really vigilant with making my bed everyday and wearing something other than pjs or active wear.A daily dose of nature is a must for me! Fitting in a daily walk and meditation allows me to let go of any fear, find peace and just take each day as it comes.