How to create a beautiful evening ritual

Words: Laura Wilson

So, we’ve all heard of morning rituals, and how they can make or break your productivity and mental state for the day. But what about the evenings? Read on to find out how you can bookend your day with a little bit of evening magic (or even just the evening ritual, if that’s what works for you right now).

  1. Plan out your tomorrow

We all tend to have very full lives, juggling lots of bits and pieces on a daily basis. So give yourself the best possible chance to approach your day with your calm intact by planning ahead. This doesn’t mean being super rigid and not allowing yourself any flexibility. By having an idea of where you’re going and what you’re doing throughout the day, you’ll be able to reduce your mental clutter, focus on making important decisions, and be comfortable to be more free and flexible because you have a clearer idea of where you’re at and where you’re going. Planning your day might be writing yourself a schedule, a to-do list, or even just mentally stepping yourself through the broad brushstrokes of your day.

  1. Prepare your breakfast

Be honest: how often do you have the mental struggle between a few extra minutes’ sleep and a healthy breakfast (or breakfast at all)? No judgement – it happens to the best of us. Why not circumvent the issue entirely by having your breakfast pre-made and ready to go? A few of our favourite options for delicious and easy breakfasts are soaked oats/bircher muesli, chia pudding, or even a piece of fruit and a bliss ball or three. If you’re extra organised (…or looking for the ultimate lazy hack), try making a big batch on the weekend that will last you for a few days, so you have even less prep time. Win!

  1. Have some calm me-time

For a lot of us, evenings are not our own – with work or children to attend to. Or maybe you’ve been working all day, to finally have the evening to yourself and are tempted by a family-sized block of chocolate and Netflix. Whatever your situation, try to prioritise just a little time to yourself for some calm and relaxation. A 10-minute meditation, some quiet reading, a few cat-and-cows, or a quiet cup of tea (caffeine free, ideally!) can do wonders.

  1. Turn off your screens

Fallen asleep to the latest episode of Downtown Abbey? Or stayed awake until muuuuch later than you’d care to admit watching Game of Thrones? Well, there’s a reason for that (beyond being desperate to find out what happens in the next episode – damn those cliffhangers!). Our bodies are designed to fall asleep when it’s dark (otherwise known as nighttime) and wake up when it’s light. As it gets dark, we produce more melatonin, which makes you sleepy and helps you nod off. However, when we introduce artificial lights, like our computer or TV screen, we disrupt this process, and make it harder to fall asleep, and to sleep deeply (read on here if this is of interest to you!). So, your best bet is to nip it in the bud and have some screen-free time for at least thirty minutes before bed-time – no Instagram, no Facebook, no TV, no work emails. Try it for a week and see what a difference it makes to your quality of sleep.

  1. Aim to go to bed around the same time each night

Another key aspect to sleep hygiene is consistency – going to bed and waking up as close to the same time you can each day. Again, we understand that sometimes this is outside your control (cue inconsistent work hours, a partner who works late, or a particularly vocal baby). As much as within your control though, try choosing your sleep time and sticking to it. Our tip for this? Set yourself a ‘go-to-bed’ alarm 30 minutes before, to remind you to wind down, get off social media, switch off the TV and prepare your body for rest.

We’d love to hear about your evening ritual – what works best to set you up for the day ahead?