Caitlin Comerford

Caitlin Comerford

Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) with Distinction from QUT and a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) Honours – First Class from WAAPA through LINK Dance Company. She is a Brisbane based dance practitioner, working in performance, installation and choreography. She is a co-founder of MakeShift Dance Collective and runs the Professional Dance Classes Brisbane.

Caitlin is also a yoga teacher, training through Core Yoga Studios, West End. She has an interest in anatomy and alignment and aims to combine the level of detail that comes from a Hatha practice with the fluidity and mobility that comes from Vinyasa. She loves to teach an upbeat, energetic class that inspires detailed technical application but also a freedom to travel, move and explore. The influence of dance in her life coupled with her yoga practice stemming over 9 years has led her to believe strongly in the power of the body to effect and change both mental and emotional states.

A few questions for Caitlin

What’s something only a few people know about you?
I have always secretly wanted to be a blues or jazz back up singer… If you ever have the opportunity to hear me sing you will understand why I chose to dance!

What’s your favourite Barre Body class to teach?
My favourite class to teach is Barre Body. The yoga influence is a beautiful contrast to the dynamic workout of Barre and it is such a nice reminder of how good it feels to flow. I also love using the barre to experiment and play with more traditional yoga poses.

What should we expect in your class?
An energetic and upbeat class that gets the whole body active and at the same time offer an opportunity to just move and let go.

Caitlin Comerford
Caitlin Comerford

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