Please wait outside the studio until the previous class has exited & your teacher collects you
Sanitise on your way in!
Check in with your teacher
Keep your mask on until your teacher commences the class
Work out!
Place your mask back on
Wipe your mat, props and barre
Wait for your teacher to meet you at the door and allow you to exit

Ensure Physical Distancing:

  • We have ensured there is 1.5 meters between your mats


Wear a face mask

  • A face mask is mandatory by all teachers and clients in non-strenuous activity, and before and after the commencement of your class (When your teacher gives you the ok!)


Practise Good Hygiene

  • Your teachers will be frequently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout your studio
    Wipes are provided to you at the end of class to clean your props, mat and barre
  • BYO mat if you have one (We will provide you with mats and weights only, but feel free to BYO mat and equipment if you’d like!)


Keep Records and Act Quickly

  • If you are unwell, stay home! (Work out on Barre Body Online if you so please.)
  • Your teacher will be your allocated COVID Marshal.


Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

  • Windsor: Showers closed / Toilets available
  • Flinders Lane: Toilets available
  • Fitzroy: Showers closed / Toilets available
  • A density quote number will be at the front of the entrance of all studios.
  • To ensure consistent airflow throughout the studios, windows will be open and air conditioning available