How do I sign my membership contract?

Your membership agreement will be emailed to you automatically upon joining, with instructions on how to accept the terms of the contract. It is important to accept the agreement terms in order to continue to book your classes and receive your member benefits. If you need assistance with this please contact

Why does my contract say 26 weeks (6 months) and not 6 weeks?

Please note that your agreement only has a 6 week minimum term and that our contracts are set up in the system over a 26 week auto-renewal purely for administrative purposes.

Will my membership stop after 6 weeks?

All memberships have a minimum 6 week term after which, they continue on a week-to-week basis (or month-to-month depending on billing). If you do not request to cancel your membership at 6 weeks, then it will continue until you advise in writing with 7 days notice your request to cancel.

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