How do I suspend my membership and is there a fee?

Suspending your membership is one of your member benefits, and allows you to pause your membership payments for a minimum of 7 days and for up to a maximum of 3 months.

Our memberships are intended to be used as a way to commit to your barre practice (and get best value for money) and enjoy the benefits that come with exercising consistently and regularly. Your body will love you for it! You are welcome to pause your membership at any time. You may do this once every 3 months with no fees, and additional suspensions will be charged at a rate of $5 per week.

In order to arrange this, you need to submit your request via our online booking system at While your account is suspended, the system also suspends your booking privileges, however you will be able to book your classes again as soon as your suspension ends.

If you wish to extend your suspension please submit a new request online with 7 days written notice (not totalling more than 3 months).

What happens if I suspend any days that I have already paid for?

Any days that you have paid in advance during the suspended period will simply carry forward and push out the date of your next payment following your return. For example if your suspension commences 3 days following your auto payment, the 5 days you have paid for (days 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7) will carry on from the date your membership reactivates, hence pushing out the next payment by 5 days.

Can I attend a class if my membership is suspended?

Memberships are generally suspended when you are unable to attend class which is why the system suspends your booking privileges during this period. If however, you find yourself able to attend a class during the suspended period, please let us know, as your membership will not cover any visits during this period and will need to be processed separately.

How do I book a class if my membership is suspended?

As you are unable to book classes while your membership is suspended, you willl need to contact with details of the date/time/location of the class you wish to attend. We will then do our best to reserve your spot (pending availability for the class and notice given), and will process your visit as a casual class.

What if I want to return from my suspension early?

We would love to see you back at the barre! If you wish to return earlier than planned we can unsuspend your membership in line with the same 7 day blocks as your suspension was processed. Please email us with as much notice as possible to arrange this. We will do our best to reactivate your membership as close as possible to the date requested, and where not possible, will happily assist you with booking any casual classes until your membership reactivates.

I didn’t suspend my membership, can you credit me for the weeks that I missed?

The ability to suspend your membership is one of your member benefits, and therefore the reason we are unable to credit your account for classes not used. To avoid disappointment please be sure to submit any suspension requests via our online booking system at with 7 days notice. All suspension requests will be confirmed in writing once processed.

How is the fee structure determined for suspension requests? 

The fee structure is based on the following quarters: JAN-MAR, APR-JUN, JUL-SEP, OCT-NOV.


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