Can I bring my children?

Unfortunately we can’t welcome children to our studios. However, if they are over 16 years of age, they are of course welcome to join in class as a client.

I’m pregnant. Can I join class? 

Yes! We love pregnant ladies at Barre Body and our classes. Your teacher will give you appropriate modifications and before coming to class you should watch the video right here, which explains and outlines our pregnancy modifications. We also highly recommend our Prenatal Barre 1:1 sessions to learn modifications in-depth in a personal context. You may attend classes in the first trimester, but be a little more gentle with your body and avoid twisting poses that compress the belly. When you enter the second and third trimesters, you’ll hopefully be feeling a little more comfortable in your changing body, and the modifications will become second nature. Barre Body classes are a fantastic way to prepare for labour (fitness + strong legs & butt are a big help during the contractions and active labour) and keep your body toned, making it much easier to regain your shape after bub is born.

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