How does the waitlist work?

We highly recommend that you waitlist if the class is full. 95% of the time a space will open up and you will be notified via email and text message (depending on your profile preferences). If you need to need to subscribe to receive notifications you can do so under “My Info” on your Barre Body profile.

The system will not move you off the waitlist and into the class list inside of the 1 hour cancellation window if you do not have enough notice to early cancel. As a general rule if you are waitlisted for a morning class, it’s a good idea to cancel out of the waitlist the night before if you aren’t certain you can attend as you may be moved into the class overnight.

How do I opt-in to receive notifications in case I’m added to a class from the waitlist?

To update your notification preferences visit “My Info” on your Barre Body profile.

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