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Be a part of the growing barre trend with your own boutique fitness studio.

Barre Body is now franchising in Australia and Asia and looking for select partners to join the journey.

As a foundation franchisee, you will be provided with an unparalleled level of support to help you thrive and succeed.

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Australia's leading Barre brand is coming to Asia

Barre Body is Australia’s favourite barre brand with a cult-following, devoted community and passion for excellence.

Barre Body was the very first barre studio in Australia in 2011. With 9 flourishing studios across 3 states, an online streaming service with over 200 videos, a thriving teacher training division, and retreats in Bali, Fiji & Thailand, we’ve trained thousands of clients and hundreds of instructors. And the results speak for themselves.

With a dedicated direct-debit membership base, monthly and ongoing income is assured along with added revenue streams including online, retail and training.


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You’ll be supported every step of the way


Full training in teaching, sales and marketing, and operations. Barre Body’s teacher training is world-class, global, and in-demand. You’ll have ongoing access to new content to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.


Business support is always available via your dedicated management team. We’ll cover every detail, from running your studio down to designing the perfect class schedule and recruiting incredible staff.

Branding & Marketing

We’ll provide all branding and marketing collateral including promotions, challenges and events. You’re buying into a much-loved brand with a cult following, strong social media presence and track record. With the Barre Body brand behind you, you can’t go wrong.

Recurring Revenue

Our proven methods generate a predictable monthly income which you can rely on. With multiple revenue streams, a tried and tested approach and the contacts you need to get your business running smoothly, you’ll be turning profit as soon as possible.


Nurture your own studio community and be a part of a broader global network of Barre Body owners, trainers, and clients.

Expert Guidance

With 8 years of experience, a flourishing studio business, and a brand reputation that speaks for itself, you know you’re in great hands.

What our clients say

I absolutely love barre body. The classes are fun but challenging and the instructors are good at making sure your form is correct. Really good for toning and working up a sweat.

Jessica Ear

I’m in love with coming to Barre body, with amazing gorgeous instructors and a workout that will keep you on your toes…. literally! Great way to start the day.

Ashley Scarlett

This has to be one of the most beautiful studios I have ever seen and I love coming here three times a week at lunchtime or after work. It is very spacious with plenty of equipment for everyone and lots of mirrors to check your posture (or check yourself out!). The instructors are very welcoming and the classes hold many people without being cramped. Love coming here every week!

Rowena Silva Das

Barre Body has given me that drive I was trying to get back. I was on a low with exercising and wasn’t very inspired. I signed up for the Winter Body Challenge and while my body is aching all over, I’m feeling muscles I forgot I had and my energy levels are right back where they should be. A beautiful energy in a beautiful studio, and full of lovely people too.


LOVE BARRE! What makes Barre body amazing is the instructors. They are incredibly supportive in you listening to your body, and working at a level that works for you on that day. But at the same time, if your up for it they will whip you butt in shape. I have felt muscles that I never knew I had …..

Nico Cah

Barre Body is basically a piece of heaven on earth. All the classes are amazing, the teachers are full of amazing energy and great exercises. I love spending time here! ❤

Carla Maestro

Love the barre studio as it always motivates me to go for a workout! Each instructor is slightly different and brings their style, so you can choose what suits you best. I also love how they have apples in the studio – healthy post workout snack!

Charlene Thum

It’s the best exercise I have ever done, I love the studio and the team of trainers are very helpful and attentive. I have been training 5 times a week and the results are amaziing. Thank you Barre Body.

Gulnaz Wahaf

Such a fun and positive environment for both men and women to move there bodies! I find all there classes have great elements of mindfulness and meditation that leave you feeling warm and energised :). Couldn’t recommend this place enough- teachers are super helpful! Lots of variety of classes ranging from yoga, barre and pilates- great ways to mix things up and keep it exciting!

Ben Howes

Barre Body is honestly amazing. I go to the Fitzroy studio and every experience is a great one. A beautiful workout, my muscles are always burning and every sessions ends with some meditation. Would recommend every day of the week!

Kylah Day

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