You’re invited to a very special event.
Even better because you can watch it without leaving your lounge room.

We’ll be sharing our most valuable and actionable tips on how to increase your income (and job love!) as a Pilates instructor. This is a not-to-be missed opportunity to learn how to GROW from our experts. But most excitingly, we’ll be covering the biggest launch in Barre Body history, our brand new platform designed just for you.

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When: Thursday 26 October at 11am AEDT
Where: Zoom (in other words, wherever your laptop takes you)
Who: Barre Body founder Emma Seibold alongside an expert team of teachers

We can’t tell you yet – these lacquered lips are sealed – but we promise you do not want to miss this and all the magic we have in store for you.

Plus, we have a very special and exclusive gift for you, but only if you register for the event (replay will be available if you can’t join live).

Your hosts

Emma Seibold
Barre Body Group founder

Liana Hudson
Head of Barre Body Teacher Training

Rebecca Lockyer
Head of Barre Body Online Programs

You In?

This is a date that will put all the others to shame. (Even that one where sparks flew and they loved your dog.)
Join us, will you?