Think of your dream job. Is it the role you’re currently in? If you answered yes, we’re thrilled for you. But if you answered no, you’re in the right place. And if you want something different — something better — that’s where we come in.

Free Fitness Career Guide

This free course is here to help you map out not just your dream job, but your dream life. It’ll take you from that tiny nugget of motivation you feel and turn it into a fully mapped-out action plan to start your career in fitness. It’s the first step to a more fulfilling, flexible, and fun life.

But wait, is this course right for me?

Let’s see, shall we. Do you want a career in fitness, but you have no idea where to start? Have you been thinking about starting a side hustle, but feel that sneaky imposter syndrome creeping in? Is the thought of taking a giant leap into something new a little nerve-wracking, but also kinda thrilling? Do you daydream about dramatically telling your boss that you quit? Then yup, this is for you.

Every fitness instructor started somewhere. And the best of the best? They started right here, with us.

Here’s what’s included.

  • A comprehensive, three-part video course — think starters, mains, and dessert.
  • An interactive workbook to map out your personalised plan.
  • Ongoing support from our team of expert (and very friendly) instructors.

We get it. We’ve had the doubts creep in, too. How will I make the time? How will I pay for it? How will I get enough experience? How will I find consistent work?

But they’re all outweighed by the answer to this one, simple question: are you currently living the life you want? And if not, what needs to change?

We’re here to help you work through these questions, so you can make a plan that’s practical and realistic. Because a good life comes from good years, which comes from good months, which comes from good weeks, which comes from good days.

So, are you ready to make today count?

When I first started Barre Body in 2012 – in a tiny studio in Melbourne’s Flinders Lane – I could never have dreamed of the company we now have, so many years later.

But that is the beauty of starting something new – the possibility of what could be. This life and this business has allowed me the privilege of impacting hundreds of thousands of clients, training a growing family of Barre Body-certified instructors in every corner of the world, and has delivered me my dream life in the process. Which is why I’m so delighted that you’re taking this first step. Whatever your dreams are and wherever they’re going to take you, I’m grateful that Barre Body will be by your side. I can’t wait to see where we go.

Having done the training, the communication was so good, the teacher training team are so supportive and friendly and you have access to the whole Barre Body Teacher Training network via Facebook, so reaching out for help is easy and accessible.

Kristin Scott – Studio Owner

I was looking for a comprehensive course, that could fit in with my business, and I chose Barre Body because I really liked what they had to offer.

Kylie Morrison – Studio Owner

Learning that Barre was a mixture, of ballet, yoga and Pilates, it just intrigued me to be part of the community as a Barre lover. The girls in the group and the friendships formed have just been priceless. The teachers are just so caring, and I felt like I was in the Barre family.

Liesl Visagie – Graduate

My life has changed, in the way that I now choose to go with my gut instincts, a lot more than I ever used to. If you are considering the training, I would say, believe in yourself, go for it, and if you have a passion, you will succeed.

Alicia Price – Studio Owner

I love learning about the anatomy and how to be more knowledgeable and how to be a good teacher, and to continue to learn and grow in the field. I have referred Barre Body to some of my friends who have asked which places to train with.

Alana Joy Dintinosante – Graduate

I chose Barre Body because I knew some other people who had already done the Barre Body course and people in the industry who I respected. The training was absolutely amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of the Facilitors.It’s definitely worth the investment.

Carlie Bauer – Graduate