Start your new side hustle or switch careers industry with leading barre, Pilates mat & Pilates reformer teacher training from the world’s best teachers.


Want to turn your passion into your career?
Keen to kick-start a new side hustle?
Or maybe you want to open up your very own studio…in Bali.

Teaching barre and Pilates gives you flexibility, purpose, work-life balance, improved health and well-being, creative expression, opportunities to continually learn, and takes a deep breath is a lucrative way to supplement your lifestyle.

With our industry-leading Teacher Training and increased demand for teachers in the Pilates industry, it’s never been easier to become a globally recognised instructor.

But what if I’m not good enough?

Nonsense! You don’t have to be an advanced practitioner or know every Pilates move under the sun to become a teacher. Are you passionate? Heck yeah. Are you ready to grow? We thought so. That’s all you need to get started. And we’ll be by your side through step, squat, and side lunge of the way.

Why Barre Body?

It’s the most comprehensive barre and Pilates teacher training available. We checked. Because we know it takes more than a weekend to become exceptional. Our courses are regularly revised and take you through 150 hours of immersive, quality training to get you qualified and confident.

But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll get ongoing support after completion and will graduate ready to teach classes anywhere. Your favourite gym. Your very own studio. A retreat in Bali. That’s you, living the dream.

Love learning with other people? Choose from our immersive courses in Byron Bay. Prefer to study at your own pace? Our 100% online courses are perfect for you.


A dynamic, creative, and fitness-focused workout, reformer Pilates is in demand everywhere from boutique studios to big-name gyms.


Where it all began. Barre is the workout loved by Victoria’s Secret angels and clients across the world, with our uniquely dynamic, creative, and fluid spin.


We’ve trained hundreds of teachers with our signature method. The result? Flowing, feel-good, fun Pilates classes that your clients will love and keep coming back for.

Love the idea of becoming a Pilates teacher but unsure of where to start? Dive into our free mini course to take you from that tiny nugget of motivation to a fully mapped-out action plan to kick start your career in fitness.

Our short courses help you evolve your skills, so you’re constantly learning, growing, and being the best teacher you can be.

The ins and outs of training

150 hours sounds like a lot, but it flies when you’re having fun. And our courses are nothing if not fun. Here’s a breakdown of how those hours are made up:

  • 10 hours pre-training
  • 47 contact hours delivered in the studio
  • 20 hours anatomy self-study via online review modules
  • 20 hours repertoire self-study via online and manual review
  • 20 hours in-class observation at Reformer Studios
  • 20 hours participation at Reformer Studios
  • 10 hours practice teaching
  • 3 hours assessment prep. You can submit your assessment up to 6 months after you complete your in-studio hours
  • Plus bonus weekly guidance, feedback and mentoring via emails and Facebook community

A handful of things you’ll learn

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Alignment principles
  • Industry-leading repertoires
  • Teaching skills
  • Formatting and sequencing
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • Pre and post natal modifications
  • Injury modifications
  • Terminology
  • Prop and equipment training
  • Variations for beginners to advanced students
  • Practice teaching
  • Cueing and verbal instructions
  • Uncovering your unique teaching style


Some people study better at home. Others need face-to-face contact. Our flexible timelines mean you get to choose when and where you study. Do it in-person with our motivating teachers, or 100% online from your sun-soaked balcony.

It goes deep

Our training is not a crash course. You’ll be guided through hours of comprehensive content and practice teaching to ensure you graduate fully equipped to teach exceptional classes. Our expert teaching team is continuously reviewing and refining the courses, keeping you up-to-date with the latest from the industry to ensure you’re an in-demand teacher from the onset. Waitlisted classes? Oh, you know it.

Get ongoing support

We’re here to guide you every step of the way. You can ask questions at any time online and they will be answered by a lead trainer almost immediately. You will also gain lifetime access to our Facebook community of trainees and graduates.

Teach anywhere

This training is not a syllabus or licensing program. We teach you the art of sequencing and class planning, so you can design your own unique classes. Our graduates are teaching worldwide – giving you the freedom to teach anywhere.

Get job ready

We don’t just teach the anatomy and the sequencing, but how to be an exceptional teacher. That means support in applying for jobs at your dream studios, industry connections and continued education opportunities. Fancy adding some creative repertoire into your mix or honing in on prenatal classes? Well fancy that, it’s what we specialise in. Tailoring programs to support your unique career path is our love language. (That, and croissants.)

What certifications will you receive?

Every graduate gets a globally recognised certification, which means you can teach anywhere in the world. Corfu. Costa Rica. Canada. Your local studio. All great options.

Got more questions? We have answers.

Book a virtual coffee chat with our Teacher Training Expert Emma to find out everything you need to know about our courses and accreditations. We’re nice. (At least our mums think so).

Having done the training, the communication was so good, the teacher training team are so supportive and friendly and you have access to the whole Barre Body Teacher Training network via Facebook, so reaching out for help is easy and accessible.

Kristin Scott – Studio Owner

I was looking for a comprehensive course, that could fit in with my business, and I chose Barre Body because I really liked what they had to offer.

Kylie Morrison – Studio Owner

Learning that Barre was a mixture, of ballet, yoga and Pilates, it just intrigued me to be part of the community as a Barre lover. The girls in the group and the friendships formed have just been priceless. The teachers are just so caring, and I felt like I was in the Barre family.

Liesl Visagie – Graduate

My life has changed, in the way that I now choose to go with my gut instincts, a lot more than I ever used to. If you are considering the training, I would say, believe in yourself, go for it, and if you have a passion, you will succeed.

Alicia Price – Studio Owner

I love learning about the anatomy and how to be more knowledgeable and how to be a good teacher, and to continue to learn and grow in the field. I have referred Barre Body to some of my friends who have asked which places to train with.

Alana Joy Dintinosante – Graduate

I chose Barre Body because I knew some other people who had already done the Barre Body course and people in the industry who I respected. The training was absolutely amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of the Facilitors.It’s definitely worth the investment.

Carlie Bauer – Graduate

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