Challenge Box – No Membership

Wanting to join our challenge but can’t make it into a studio? Join us at Barre Body Online and complete the challenge. $50 gets you:

  • An incredible wellness box by Bare & Wilde, to kickstart your challenge like it’s your birthday (go shorty).
  • Over $200 worth of pressies by Miss VitalityToka LabWellineuxNatioBondi WashProPlenishOne Seed, and more, delivered right to your door. Yes please!
  • A specialised e-book of tailored challenge content prepared by industry experts. A month of meal plans, recipes, tips and shopping lists, plus an introduction to Ayurvedaquizzes, and more.
  • Weekly emails from our founder Emma Seibold to guide you through the challenge and keep you motivated and connected.
  • Exclusive access to our incredible challenge events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Byron Bay. Join us and the rest of the challenge tribe to dive deep, hear from our challenge e-book contributors.


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