flinders lane studio

Class size: Up to 33

The vibe:

Just like the heart of the CBD that surrounds us, the vibe at Flinders Lane is vibrant and energetic, while providing a calming sanctuary from the hustle.


A story of our studio:

Our studio has been architecturally designed from top to toe by the amazing Mihaly Slocombe Architects, with a focus on creating the most beautiful, sensory experience for your Barre Body class. We stripped back the old carpet, partition walls and office ceiling to reveal a raw shell, filled with personality. We added materials rich in detail and texture, like timber, linen and brass. The concrete floor was polished to a high lustre. Around the walls, a series of linen curtains soften and shape the space. And the ceiling is a beautiful sight of Australian hardwood dowels, reflecting the texture of the barre. A true expression of both Melbourne’s character and the Barre Body brand – you’re going to love this natural beauty.


What to expect:

The lift up to level 6 (the penthouse, how fancy!) opens into a large reception and waiting area full of tea and goodies. Step into the studio space itself and you might just need a second to catch your breath (especially if you took the stairs) – featuring twinkling pendant lights to set the mood,  it’s a special space to find a moment of pause in your day.

Where to head after class:

Just two blocks east of the studio is Tom Thumb, the tiniest little coffee shop that sells expertly brewed coffee and an impressive range of pastries (many being gluten free – yay). We’re also fond of a little stroll through Parliament Gardens, which is a gorgeous spot to eat your lunch and to admire the adorable baby ducks in spring. And an honourable mention goes to The Organic Food and Wine Store for our absolute favourite lunch options.


If Flinders Lane were a woman, she’d be:

Beyonce. Original, spectacular, and not afraid to work hard.


The location:

Barre Body Flinders Lane is located on level 6 (the penthouse) at 175 Flinders Lane, between Russell & Swanston streets. The nearest train stations are Parliament (8 minute walk) and Flinders Street (3 minute walk). Most parking nearby is 1 hour so we don’t mind if you come in right on the class start time and leave a few minutes early if you need to. All that we ask is that you either stay for savasana (rest at the end of the class) or sneak out quietly before savasana begins.

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