sydney cbd studio

Class size: Up to 35

The vibe:

Our Sydney CBD studio is simply spectacular. With its grand floor-to-ceiling arched windows and art deco features; it’s kinda famous. (It’s the backdrop of many activewear campaigns.)


We’re inspired by:

Our ballet heritage. Although you absolutely don’t need any dance experience (or tutus) to enjoy barre, we can’t help but pretend to be an extra in Centre Stage in this space. It demands it.


What to expect:

Take the lift to level 1 and step right in to our amazing, light-filled space. Around the corner you’ll find our beautiful change room and lounge (and the cutest little beauty station if you’re zipping back to work after class). Work up a sweat and then enjoy our favourite part – staring up at the stunningly detailed ceiling as you stretch and relax at the end of class.

Where to head after class:

Directly across the road is Pablo & Rusty’s for some of the best coffee in the CBD. Or if you’re attending an evening class and the occasion calls for it, the Bambini Trust (in the same building) is one of our favourite spots for a glass of wine. We’re also just a block from Westfield Sydney, and we’ve been known to take a little detour through Zara and Sephora on our way to class.


If Sydney CBD was a woman, she’d be:

Ashley Graham. Classy, glamorous, and lots of fun.


The location:

Barre Body Sydney CBD is located in the St James Trust building opposite Hyde Park (above Bambini Trust) at 160 Castlereagh Street and you can also enter from 185 Elizabeth Street. The studio is easy walking distance from St James, Martin Place, Museum and Town Hall stations.

unlimited classes for $50? yes please.

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