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the perfect workout routine to cover all bases

We know that the ideal class looks different on everyone – even on you from one day to the next. We also know that variety is key to keep your mind engaged and your body progressing.


That’s why every class, teacher, and every day with us is different. We make sure there’s a variation for everyone in class, from first-timers to the most advanced students. Our gorgeous teachers are as diverse as our clients, so it’s important to us that they bring their own special spice to class. The one thing you’ll always get from a Barre Body class? A strong, smart, satisfying workout. (Not to mention some super cute sweat patches.)


Where it all began.

Barre is inspired by ballet conditioning, but you won’t find any tutus or classical music here. We blend the flow of yoga with the poise of Pilates in this pretty, pacey, and powerful workout. Come for the energetic movements, killer playlists, and burning muscles – and avoid stairs, picking up small children, or sitting down the morning after. With the use of hand weights and small props, you’ll feel the burn in places you didn’t even know existed. And remember, it’s the barre, not the bar. So don’t come expecting a Long Island Ice Tea. (Although we’ll have you shaking more than a cocktail shaker ever could.)

Best for? Creating lean muscle tone.
Ideal for? Those new to Barre Body and those who want to go straight to the source of our magic.

Dance Cardio

All the joy of dancing in your bedroom, with none of the noise complaints.

Want to let your hair down (while still keeping it firmly tied in a ponytail)? Dance Cardio is our version of a party, minus the small talk – we get straight into it. But don’t be fooled by the name. It’s high intensity and highly recommended by everyone who tries it. You’ll channel Beyonce, Britney, or Billie as you sweat through our ultimate high-energy, feel-good, non-stop workout. Our sequences are easy to follow and guarantee fun – no dance experience required. Just show up, shake it off, and remember to wear your favourite sneakers. Because even Queen B needs arch support.

Best for? A sweaty and smiley workout, full of shakes and shimmies.
Ideal for? Anyone who needs a dance to shake off the reality of 2022 (in other words: all of us).


Our most popular class, as voted by you. 

Thought Pilates was a slow and gentle workout? Think again. Power Pilates is exactly what the name suggests: a potent, pulsing, and powerful Pilates class (but we couldn’t fit that version of the name on our studio signage). You’ll sculpt, tone, and strengthen with floor-based sequences that target your whole body – every beautiful inch of it. With a focus on core (don’t say we didn’t warn you), you’ll get to use fun props like sliders, balls, bands, blocks, and weights. We can’t promise you won’t hate us when you’re on your third set of clams, but we can promise a serious burn and a good time, every time.

Best for? Building core strength and improving alignment.
Ideal for? When you’re serious about your movement and want to do it in a way that feels less like hard work, and more like … Very fun hard work.

Barre Cardio

The most fun you can have while working out.

Step up to the barre for a full-body blitz. Barre Cardio makes raising your heart rate fun – yes, really. We couldn’t believe it either. You’ll sweat, you’ll smile, you’ll drop a couple of f-bombs along the way (whatever gets you through), and you’ll always finish on a high. Structured in an interval training format, it keeps your body burning long after you’ve left the studio. Even while you’re eating those post-workout croissants. Mmmmm. Save some for us.

Best for? Feeling strong while working up a sweat.
Ideal for? Those really looking to up their game with a HIIT workout. Remember, you’ll need prior Barre knowledge before adding this one to your schedule.


Never ask for help opening the pickle jar again.

Ok Google, play Strong Enough by Cher. That’s the energy you’ll be channelling in our brand new Strength class, led by the principles of Barre and Pilates. You’ll focus on key muscle groups, strengthening, toning, and building. You’ll get to know your new best friends: your 1kg and 2kg weights (they may look tiny, but trust us, they burn). Don’t worry about bulking, we’re not here for the chiselled abs and rock-hard glutes. Because honestly, who really wants that? Strength is designed to help you feel stronger – when you’re sweating, lifting toddlers, building IKEA flatpacks, or finally opening that jar of pickles.

Best for? Strength (wasn’t that obvious?), sculpting and shaking up your barre routine.
Ideal for? When you’re looking to deepen your practice and hone in on your strength. This class is a tough cookie, but hey, so are you!

Reformer Flow

Dynamic, flowing and fluid.

Sounds like a lovely beverage for a Friday night, but it’s also exactly how we’ve designed our Reformer Flow classes to feel. If you’ve never been on a Reformer machine before, this is a great place to start. If you’ve been on a Reformer machine 2458 times (who’s counting!?), this class is still a great place to be. Catering to all levels and with modifications to amp you up (or gently nurture you down) whenever you need it, this class will get you moving and sculpting. You’ll progress, you’ll challenge, you’ll succeed, you’ll need that big long drink afterward.

Best for? Lengthening, sculpting and strengthening. How’s that for a triple threat?
Ideal for? When you’re ready to form a brand new obsession. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Reformer Fit

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Geez, I wish there was a way I could lay down while still getting my heart rate up…”? (Don’t answer that.)

Let us introduce you to Reformer Fit! This is all the beauty of Reformer, partnered up with a cardio edge. Think: when Daft Punk met Pharrel. It. Just. Works. Fast paced, sweaty, highly effective and gets stuck in your soul in the way that Get Lucky got stuck in your head.

Best for? The best of all worlds – sculpting, cardio, lengthening – need we go on?
Ideal for? When you need a workout that will challenge you in every possible way and you’re ready to take your Reformer obsession to the next level.

So, come here often?

If this is your first time at our barre, welcome. You’ll be smiling and sweating with us in no time, without putting up with a single sleazy pick up line. If you’re not sure where to start, we always recommend Barre. Doing a few classes in our OG style will set you up with all the knowledge, technique and groovy dance moves (not really) you need to soar. All our Barre classes are tailored to be appropriate, challenging and welcoming for wherever and whoever you are – no fitness level, flexibility or fancy tutus required (though they are always welcomed). If you’re new to fitness or to this type of movement, please ease yourself in to Barre Cardio and Strength. While you’d never be turned away, we’d prefer that you’re set up for success with some foundations under your belt.

How to put it all together

Our schedule is fully customisable, so you can create your dream exercise regime. Keep it balanced by incorporating a few different class styles into your schedule. We recommend 3 – 5 sessions a week, depending on your goals and mood. Combine at least one strength, one cardio, and one mobility session each week.

Not sure where to start

Our two-week intro pass is a pretty good starting point. Get unlimited access to all of our classes and studios for just $50. Like a tapas board, you get to sample each of the classes to figure out your favourites.
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