first time with us?

you’ve come to the right place

Don’t stress, it was our first time once, too. We promise you’re in safe, supportive, and luxuriously-soft hands. Check out our classes page – it’ll give you more information about what to expect from each workout. (Remember to book as spots are limited.)

Absolute beginner?

Wonderful! We’re so glad you’re here. Our expert teachers are the best of the best. They’re trained to offer modifications for all levels, so you’re guaranteed to have a version of every exercise that works for you. If it’s your first barre class, you’ll probably find your thighs shaking pretty quickly. That’s normal! Take as many rest breaks as you like, and know that you’ll likely be a little sore tomorrow. That’s the point, right?

We’re all about good form to keep you safe from injury and to help you get the most out of every class. If you have any pre-existing conditions, are pregnant, or new to exercise, let your teacher know prior to class so we can keep an eye on you. We make it our mission to cater to everyone.

unlimited classes for $50? yes please.

Sign up for our 2-week introductory pass for just $50 and get unlimited access to all our classes and studios. Choose your studio below to get started.

the perfect routine to cover all bases

We know that the ideal class looks different on everyone – even on you from one day to the next. We also know that variety is key to keep your mind engaged and your body progressing. That’s why every class, teacher, and every day with us is different. We make sure there’s a variation for everyone in class, from first-timers to the most advanced students. Our gorgeous teachers are as diverse as our clients, so it’s important to us that they bring their own special spice to class. The one thing you’ll always get from a Barre Body class? A strong, smart, satisfying workout. (Not to mention some super cute sweat patches.) Now, shall we check out those class styles (and how to pull them all together)?

Arriving at the studio

Aim to arrive 5 – 10 minutes before class so you can settle in. We’ll show you to the change rooms, help you get your equipment set up and give you a run down of how everything works. This is the time to chat to your instructor.

What to bring

Just your gorgeous self! We provide all mats and equipment. You might like to bring a water bottle and a small towel, as you’ll be working up a sweat. For Flow, you may also like a light cover up to keep you warm during meditation.

What to wear

We recommend comfortable yoga or gym clothing that you can move freely in. (We’re also partial to a pair of hot pants.) You don’t need shoes (except for Dance Cardio) or grip socks as you’ll be practicing barefoot on a mat.


If you’d consider yourself advanced, we’ll make sure to layer in plenty of challenges to keep you progressing and seeing results. Our suite of class styles are designed to make sure you won’t plateau – or get bored.

get the mobile app

Working out in the great outdoors? Keep Barre Body in your pocket with the Barre Body Online mobile app. (We play nicely with both Apple and Android.)

see (and sweat) for yourself

Up for the challenge? And by challenge we mean a few pulses and shakes, followed by that Barre Body high.