Sydney CBD

Class size:
Up to 30.

The vibe:
Our Sydney CBD studio is simply spectacular. Grand and elegant with floor-to-ceiling arched windows and art deco features; it’s just divine.

We’re inspired by:
The studio itself. With the soaring ceilings and all its intricate beauty, we feel like world-class ballet dancers as we practice.

What to expect:
At Barre Body Sydney CBD, you can expect to experience the very best of Barre Body. Our newest studio is the perfect destination to escape the CBD grind. We always leave feeling inspired by the surroundings, motivated by our gorgeous teachers and grounded by our beautiful clientele.

Where to head after class:
Directly across the road is Pablo & Rusty’s for some of the best coffee in the CBD. Or if you’re attending an evening class and the occasion calls for it, the Bambini Trust (in the same building) is one of our favourite spots for a lovely glass of wine. We’re also just a block from Westfield Sydney, and we’ve been known to take a little detour through Zara and Sephora on our way to class.

If Sydney CBD was a girl, she’d be:
Emily Blunt. Classy, sophisticated and glamourous.

The location:
Barre Body Sydney CBD is located in the St James Trust building opposite Hyde Park (above Bambini Trust) at 160 Castlereagh Street and you can also enter from 185 Elizabeth Street. The studio is easy walking distance from St James, Martin Place, Museum and Town Hall stations.

Sydney CBD

Level 1,
160 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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