If you’re ready to transform your life, career and self, then we can think of no better place to start than with Barre Body’s Teacher Training programs. With courses open to all passions, levels and experiences – embarking on a Teacher Training program with Barre Body is a journey that will set you to discover your very best self, while immersed in the dynamic passion and love that Barre Body is renowned for.

With the Barre Body Teacher Training program, you have access to world-class barre and Pilates teacher training, with courses available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our programs are delivered with Barre Body’s signature love, so you are supported and guided through a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and practical experience. The result? You will master repertoire, be empowered to teach with excellence, and will blossom into your most incredible self.

As the true leaders in barre teaching in Australia, we are known for our depth of content, superior quality of instruction and the deep mentoring and support we provide to all our participants – regardless of why, how or what you are studying.

With a suite of comprehensive training programs available to suit all levels and needs, you will find a course to suit your requirements, and will walk away with the knowledge, experience and support required to teach confidently and authentically.

If you are ready to transform your world with a training program of the highest calibre, look no further than the Barre Body Teacher Training programs.


Barre Body offers an array of training programs to suit all levels and needs. Whether you are looking to explore a career as a barre teacher, expand on your existing yoga, Pilates or fitness qualifications, or simply want to become an expert practitioner with a deep understanding of your body, you will find exactly what you need with Barre Body.


  • Choose from our array of barre, pilates, and short courses
  • Ideal for studio owners wishing to add barre to their studio’s repertoire. Upskill all of your teachers in a holisitic, cohesive and world-class course, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Cost per participant – minimum 6 participants
  • We come to you and our team can travel anywhere worldwide
  • Our comprehensive, 7-day barre program
  • For lovers of barre who want to expand their understanding of all things barre, including why we do certain exercises, the application of anatomy and how to create engaging, effective classes
  • $2250
  • Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron
  • Our 7-day Pilates program
  • For aspiring Pilates teachers who want to discover the behind principles and biomechanical applications Pilates, while delivering fun, creative classes with flow.
  • $2250
  • Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron


If you have ever stepped foot into a Barre Body studio, you will know that everything we do is guided by one principle – love. As a participant in a Barre Body Teacher Training program, you will be nurtured and guided by some of the most experienced trainers in Australia. These amazing women are passionate about making sure that every student feels welcomed, inspired and empowered. We also understand that the exercises are only a small part of what makes a great teacher, and so our training programs dive much deeper to uncover the formula behind designing and delivering exceptional barre classes that will leave your clients wanting more. Our intimate training sizes, personalised approach, passion for sharing our knowledge and pride in our training programs ensure the very best experience, specifically designed for you.


Barre is one of the fastest growing boutique fitness trends in Australia and across the globe. With barre classes growing in popularity, so is the demand for expert teachers. Aside from being a wonderful way to stay fit and to connect with your body, teaching barre provides a great source of income and a flexible lifestyle in the fitness and wellbeing industry.

Our training graduates are amongst the most desirable within the industry, so you can have confidence that with Barre Body, you will receive a highly regarded certification that will take your career and your life to where you dream of.


Let me emphasise, when I embarked on this journey I was well outside of my comfort zone, armed only with a passion for dance, and a yearning to be in the health and fitness industry. However, the teachers were absolutely amazing, awe-inspiring, understanding and positive. Their support and encouragement was beyond my expectations and the in-depth course content enabled me to confidently follow my dreams of opening a small barre studio.

Julie Proud

The Barre Body Teacher Training program was amazing! The course content was extensive covering everything from anatomy to barre exercises, to teaching styles and techniques. The online resources and social media offerings are a big help - both during and after the program. And the teachers are wonderful, teaching with such warmth and passion. Being taught in the beautiful Barre Body studios is also hugely inspiring.

Erin Viljoen

Being a qualified yoga instructor, I was interested in developing my skills to open up opportunities in the growing barre industry. The course complimented my existing training perfectly, reinforcing my knowledge of the human body, but opening my mind to highly effective and evolved barre repertoire. I was kept engaged for the entire course, and am so grateful I took the opportunity to learn from a world-class training team.

Tess Jasmin (now a Barre Body teacher)

The Barre Body Teacher Training program has to be one of the most rewarding things I have done in a long time. Not only did it improve my own skill and technique in regards to Pilates and barre, it also enhanced my love and passion for barre itself. Miriam, Teresa, and Gabrielle created such a positive and encouraging learning environment, which allowed each individual to learn the content in a way that was most effective for them. Learning the ins and outs of the human body has benefitted me in all aspects of life and my performance in other sports, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to partake in the course. If I didn't truly love barre before, I sure do now!

Emily Tan

I loved every minute of the Barre Body Teacher Training program! The teachers were fantastic - so knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and inspiring. They encouraged, motivated and challenged us every step of the way, ensuring that all of the course content was understood - and that we were able to apply it, and teach it. I am very happy to have a obtained a qualification from such a well-respected company and I would highly recommend the course to anyone considering it.

Hayley Viljoen

85% of course graduates are extremely likely to recommend it to colleagues, friends and family with the remaining 15% very likely or likely.

Based on a survey sent to 40 recent Barre Body Teacher Training graduates.

77% of course graduates rated the program as very high quality with the remaining 23% rating it high quality.

Based on a survey sent to 40 recent Barre Body Teacher Training graduates.

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