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Retreat with us to spectacular Bali, for a six-day life and body transformation. We’ll be moving, nourishing and discovering our way to your dream body to your dream body at the beautiful Hotel Komune.


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Sun 29 April – Sat 5 May 2018


the Body retreat

with Gabrielle van der Elst and Kat Lee



Aside from your movement classes and meals, your days and nights are just that. Yours. Retreat to the day spa for a body & soul recharge, climb one of Bali’s highest volcanoes, take a surfing or stand-up paddle board lesson, or perhaps simply unwind with a cocktail or coconut at the Beach Club (yep, cocktails are allowed. It’s a retreat, after all). Whatever it is, discover what a week dedicated to you can do.



Thought Barre Body was all pliés and planks at the barre? Think again. We’ll be indulging in twice or thrice-daily (yep, that’s three times a day) yoga, Pilates, barre, aqua fit, HIIT and spin classes for a holistic, all-encompassing movement schedule that’s been specifically designed to sculpt your body.



We’ll be nourishing our bodies with organic farm-to-table cuisine that masters the balance of feeling light, without a hint of deprivation. With fresh pickings from the resort’s own farm produce, your body will thank you for the freshest meals and cold pressed juices, all of which are included in your retreat package.


Over the six days, you’ll escape the chaos and confines of daily life (a Bali beach view certainly doesn’t hurt), to indulge in a retreat that is all about you. Honour your body, nourish your soul, and focus on building the body and life you dream of. Led by star instructors Gabrielle van der Elst and Kat Lee, you’ll be surrounded by women who will lift you up and love you hard.

- Sunrise barre class -

You’re here, so we know you’re ready for barre. We’ll combine interval training and small, controlled movements with hand weights, mat work and the barre to tone and shape your beautiful body.



- Healthy breakfast -

Just because you’re in Bali doesn’t mean you need deny yourself smashed avocado. With a coffee or a superfood smoothie, you’ll be set to take on your day.



- Adventure, indulgence

and relaxation -

Relax by the pool, indulge in a fresh coconut by the beach, or pull up a journal for some intention setting.


- Pre-dinner Pilates -

Tone your body with our mat Pilates class – Barre Body style. Focusing on lengthening, strengthening and balancing your body, we’ll be creating long, lean and strong bodies.



- Dining, done right -

Island of the Gods salad with freshly seared sliced tuna? Or perhaps traditional sate ayam rolled in a local banana leaf? The choice is yours for your included dinners.



- Rejuvenation -

Retreat to your room for a well-earned sleep, join a new friend for a post-dinner cocktail, or wander the beach in the peace of a Bali evening.


- Midday water class -

It gets steamy at midday in Bali, so we’ll take our workout to the water, with an aqua fit class. Prepare to sweat it out as you let it all wash over.



- Lunchtime nourishment -

Salads with farm-fresh ingredients, cold pressed juices and coconut water. Nourish your body and your soul.



- Pampering and perhaps a little nap -

Muscles aching? It may be time for a traditional Balinese massage, or perhaps a coconut and rice scrub to help your skin glow in the way only a trip to Bali can achieve.


a day

in bali

- $3000 for a single room -

- $2500 for twin share -


Including all accommodations, workouts, transfers and meals. We suggest booking your flights and travel insurance as soon as possible to secure the best deals.


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We can’t wait to welcome you.


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