Let’s rock (en) roll

You’ve ticked the first box (finding a pair of leggings with juuuuust the right amount of stretch). Now let’s move onto the second: discovering your dream career. Or dreamier career, we should say. You’re already an expert teacher (duh), but we’re here to take your skills to the next level.

What’s next?

A one-on-one with us to figure out what course feels right for you and your goals – and what certifications you’ll need to get there. Together, we’ll map out a plan so thorough it’s basically a step-by-step. Like, plies to pulses, then back to plies. Or Barre buff to side-hustler to building your very own fitness empire.

Here’s a refresher on the perks

While you’re waiting for our team to get in touch (we won’t be long, promise), here’s a refresher on a few of the perks our courses provide. Get ready to take your resume from run-of-the-mill to masterpiece.

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Industry leading barre repertoire
  • Formatting and sequencing for 45 + 60 minute classes
  • Pre and postnatal modifications
  • Barre conditioning
  • Variations for beginners to advanced students
  • Cueing and verbal instructions
  • Uncovering your unique teaching style
  • Alignment principles
  • Dynamic and effective teaching skills
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • Common injuries and competency modifications
  • Yoga, ballet and Pilates terminology
  • Practice teaching
  • Physical and correctional cueing
  • Set class plans so you can get started teaching right away

Tell me more

Here’s our founder, Emma, talking about the importance of layers. (In a professional development sense, not just the scarf and / or coat variety).

Oh, and one last thing…

Have you heard about our Barre Body Teacher Training Facebook group? It’s a great way to bounce ideas off of others, find study buddies and join your new teacher training family (no awkward dinners required). We’ve created a pretty cool community – if we do say so ourselves – and we’d love you to be a part of it.