Oh hey there, BFF!

We’re so glad we’ve made this official. Welcome to the Share the Love club. Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Your Step-By-Step Referral Dance

You loved your training (we love to hear it). Now, you’re ready to share the love. Here are your next steps:

1. Share your referral link with your friends. Send it by email, pop it on your socials, write it in the sky.

2. Your referrals will fill in a form, and our gorgeous Training Expert Emma will get in touch to answer all their questions.

3. You will receive an email allowing access to your Affiliate dashboard within a few business days on signing up to the program. Once granted access, you can view your Affiliate Dashboard to track your referrals like lovely little Tamgotchis. Wondering how to access your Dashboard? Here is a handy demo.


4. Your referrals book in, and you receive a 10% payout! (Valid for any course over $1800.) Time for a celebration!

5. Multiple thriving referrals on your books? When you reach 10, you’ll receive a $250 bonus. Time to check out that shopping cart (love your choices, btw).

Referrals Ready to Go?

Ready to share your love of Pilates with your friend, sister, colleague, Uncle Greg? Share this link and we’ll slide into their inbox with all they need to know.

Meet the team

Introducing Emma and Matt, our trusty teacher training team.

Need some creative inspo?

We’ve referred a few people in our time, so we know what works. In the spirit of sharing (our favourite spirit, other than gin), we’ve created a downloadable referral pack, full of goodies to inspire your own posts. (Not included: the SMS to your sister that reads: “SIGN UP OR ELSE.”)

This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship

We’re not going to leave you hanging. In fact, we’ll be in touch every month with ideas, updates and lots of love from our Teacher Training team.

Send your referrals here