Share The Love

What’s better than becoming a certified barre or Pilates instructor with new skills, new friends and endless career prospects?

Croissants. Oh, wait. Let’s try that again.
It’s Barre Body’s Share The Love Program. Something special we’ve put together for our most impressive graduates. Like Suzie in San Fran. And Belinda from Mudgee. And, duh… you!

How it works

You tell your friends how brilliant, comprehensive, and worthwhile you found our courses, and just how great we are at telling jokes. (Okay, that last part might be a stretch). If any of your referrals sign up for a training valued at $1500 or more, you’ll receive $250 as a gift from us, and they’ll get a $50 voucher to use towards their course.

Jackpot, baby

Hit 10 referrals and you’ll earn a $500 bonus. Call it Christmas, minus the Michael Buble and second helpings of pudding.

But wait, there’s more

You didn’t think we’d stop the lovefest there, did you? As a Share The Love program member, you’ll…

  • Be invited to regular online catch-ups with other teachers. Simply pick a drink (wine! Kombucha! Peppermint tea!) and enjoy in like-minded company from the comfort of your couch.
  • Receive a link to a landing page to send all your referrals to, making the claim-back process simple for them (and most importantly, you).
  • Get monthly emails with support and guidance direct to your inbox. We don’t do spam, just useful tips on things like building a successful career, creating a meaningful social media presence and whether leggings legitimately count as pants.

Press Play

Enough chit-chat from us. Here’s a video of our resident teacher training experts, Renata, Matt and Emma, answering all of your burning questions.

Nitty gritty

Behold the terms and conditions. (You know the drill).

  • Referral fees are only for $1500 or more training courses, not products or short courses. (Not able to pay upfront? Ask our friendly team about payment plans).
  • It’s one referral payment per new client – not for repeat purchases.
  • If a referral pulls out of a course and we need to issue a refund, we will debit the grad affiliate, $250. This can be covered by the next referral.
  • Payments from us will be made monthly once the course is paid for in full.
  • We reserve the right to end the affiliate relationship at any time.
  • You cannot be included in your own referral.
  • No retrospective referrals.

Join the program